i spy: green with envy.
by victoria comment


all weekend long i saw the tweets from fellow bloggers and friends attending new york fashion week parties. i couldn’t help but feel a little bit green with envy thinking about all those fun photo opportunities. but in truth, the other half of me, the shy half would have been freaking out, trying to decided what to wear! anyway, today seemed like a good day to i spy green with envy. good a day as any!

vincent leroux via trendland; i’ve always loved this print from shaun sundholm; aaron ruell photographs a very green room; one Giant green wall, by Michael Eastman, kirtsy; and marilyn monroe welds a camera.

charming rooms from dottie angel and arabella mcnie; Tommy Ton’s stylishly scarfed russian woman, via angela ritchie; a tub to die for from light locations; and a gracious modern dining room.

pretty and very parisian from kate french; some mid century mod from sam grigg; a cozy corner via rose hammick.

• top image via neiman marcus.

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  1. Great lay-out! I have always loved that picture of M.M.. I think she and Deborah Harry could be sisters’! I can’t express what I feel when I see that emerald wall. Lush, sexy, botanical, mysterious… Green has always been a great color. Love all shades of green.

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