tuesday’s girl: aporta.
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Noelle Sharp, owner and designer of APORTA, has just launched the most delicious fall winter lookbook. this season noelle, a skilled knitter and weaver, has introduced handwoven goods and reclaimed vintage fur accessories to her already super stylish unisex APORTA line.

i quite love aporta’s mission statement:

“We are the wanderer’s, the old one’s, close with nature, vikings, gypsies, inuit’s, hunters, gatherers, mystics and makers. We walk aone, the road shows us where to go. Through time we carry on us our cloth. Its protection ensures a long life. We come from our ancestors; they produced the first thread that would protect us through the voyage. It is our heirloom.

Aporta is the door. You are encouraged to walk through. No matter where the door takes you, carry your cloth with you. Choose wisely. It will be with you till the end.”

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  1. I like their things, too. As a knitter who delights in designing, I also like the mission statement, with the exception of the unnecessary apostrophes. “[W]anderer’s, the old one’s… inuit’s.” Editing (of any kind) is also a necessary part of good design!

  2. Loving all of these looks especially the mans outfit. Love the bandana and the scarf and the black wool jacket. Would love to see some more clothing designs maybe some shirts or something along those lines.

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