let there be light.
by victoria comment


love, love, love this camden, england home from light locations. i keep seeing these penguin book cover paintings by harland miller everywhere, and quite like the look. courtney cox has one, as featured in the new elle decor. i like everything about this house, though, and especially all that natural light, and greenhouse-like windows! and their mid-century modern chair collection has me swooning. from norman cherner, to barcelona to eames, this house has ’em all.

the modern mix of a vintage farmhouse dining table paired with mismatched antique wood and fiberglass eames chairs makes me happy, too. i like all the unexpected details, including the simple paper whites floral arrangement. perfecto!

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  1. This is a nice place. My first thing on my to do list for sure is move to a place like this with mega LIGHT! My mother-in-law has one of those groovy mid-century credenza’s in her garage in Liverpool England. I am trying to explain to her what she has, but to no avail does she get it!

  2. I love the white walls. Totally opens up the space and allows for creativity in the furnishings and accessories! I do have to say my favorite part of the home is the flooring though…. :)


  3. What a beautiful place! Our house has almost floor-to-ceiling windows, there is an incredible amount of sunlight and it has made an amazing difference to my mood, and to my children/s (helps that the view out the windows is very green too, overlooking native bush). I have just completed my first winter here and it has been so painless!
    However, one downside of so many windows is that there is so little wallspace (can’t have both!), and it is a challenge to decorate (though this house makes it look easy!)

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