vintage finds for a modern world: pretty portraits.
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if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know i have a fairly large collection of vintage portrait paintings, including the infamous rico suave. i’ve been in a bit of a conundrum over them – do they stay or do they go? maybe i just need to rearrange them somehow for a more dramatic effect, or revamp the collection with some new pieces of art. so i went looking for a few more ideas to give them new life. they feel a bit like family now, so it’s hard to say farewell for good. i loved the look of these portraits (above) and i loved the look of the mismatched eames chairs with them.

gregory mellor; kitschcafe; vintage renewal; and dianafayt.

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• top image via better homes & gardens.

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  1. So much eye candy! I especially love the Elle Decor image with all the small pieces – stunning! I always cant wait to see what lovely things you post :)
    xo Allison

    spicer + bank

  2. Oh PLEASE keep yours! Your amazing collection inspired me to start a thrifted portrait collection of my own! Phyllis from Salt Lake (signed and dated on the back, so cool!) was the first acquisition, then along came Coco (canine) and The Captain (complete with captain’s hat). Now I just need a larger wall to display them all on!

  3. I’ve always wanted to collect art but being a full time waitress/part time stylist doesn’t put big dollars in the pocket to do so. I finally took the plunge into buying thrifted art & thus far it has been a great experience & is adding some much needed life to my walls.. It’s fun to think about the life the pieces had before you obtained them & where they may be 50 years down the road. I hope to keep seeing yours pop up on here from time to time. Great post.

  4. these area great and come at a perfect time! i’ve been passing up some beautiful old paintings at flea markets here in london but this was just the dose of extra inspiration that i needed. thanks!

  5. Love the first shot. Well, all of them, really. Now you are sending me running back to Goodwill to pick up the $3 paint-by-number horse portrait that I saw there yesterday and haven’t been able to stop thinking about…

  6. Such an inspirational post – love how they are all mis-matched, but with a similar feel. Great feeling of things that are accumulated instead of that contrived “house in a box” ‘feel when everything is bought at once- and those Eames chairs – beautiful colours! love it!

  7. I wish my family had cool portraits of ancestors that I could display….alas i will have to resort to displaying strangers portraits on my wall :)

  8. I’m a huge fan of large collections of art on a single wall!! It makes a room feel so cozy and keeps things interesting. I love the attic yellow and blue collection and the floral one, too! Thank for posting!

  9. This is so making me rethink a picture at a consignment store the other day! I had a portrait, or random picture wall but moved furniture around so had to take them down. I think I might have to move the group to another room.

    Love your blog. I found your blog through an article I had cut out of your cute house in a magazine. So love your style and spunk!


  10. This is what our walls look like, covered with art, portraits among them. And some of my family, just love it, living on the other side of the global! Great post!

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