unexpected guests: laure joliet.
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it’s been a shamefully long time since we’ve had unexpected guests, but today we’ve got a great one. i’m a big fan of our guest, laure joliet’s interior photography, and her fabulous sense of style, so i’m excited to share her 450 square foot apartment in Echo Park, Los Angeles. talk about small spaces, big style — laure’s 1920’s bungalow is all that and more. spared down and stylish, laure shares her cozy mid-century modern space with Hazelnut, her beautiful Abyssinian cat.

you can take a peek at laure’s most recent work for the new york times here and here and you can also see her shots of The Brick House in the brand new Design•sponge book! you can also check out laure’s lovely blog, at home at home, here.

Tell us a little bit about your space:

It’s a small space and I wanted a place to lounge on a couch and also a space to work (since I work from home) that could double as a dining room table for entertaining. It wasn’t easy to fit it all in. Morgan from The Brick House came over and helped me tweak.  She worked with me as a stylist on the TV show and I am a convert. she is gifted at that last 10% tweaking that makes a space come together. She convinced me to change up the floor plan (it’s laid out differently from when you sneak peeked it) and then she styled my shelves using all my same things but making it look a little nicer.  She also helped me figure out what art to hang. And when to not hang it.

What are a few of your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?

I live in Echo Park nestled right between silver lake and downtown LA.  I lived in Venice for years so coming to the east side was a switch for me, but so far I love it.  I can watch the fireworks at dodger stadium from my bedroom window. I love that Echo Park is filled with hills and little bungalows and that in the morning the fog rests in the trees and makes it all feel like magic.  I’m big on yoga (to undo the effects of shooting and then being on the computer all the time) so I love the new studio that opened up down the street: yogala echo park. We also have great coffee at Fix which can double as a great place to work if I need to get out of the house.

What are your top three online shops?

I’m not a big shopper but when I’m ready to buy I always look for simple, classic design.  Quality and longevity are key: A.P.C.; Magpie and Rye; and Muji.

What’s your favorite flea market, or secondhand find?

Does all of my grandmother’s furniture count?  I inherited a ton of my grandmother’s danish modern furniture and don’t know what I would do without it.  She took really good care of it and so now I do, too. It’s nice to have family history all around me.  Most recently I found the little slab coffee table when Morgan took me thrifting in the desert. That little guy was just $20. I’ll probably end up using him as a nightstand when I have a bigger place.

What’s your favorite possession?

I aspire to be a minimalist and not be super attached to having ‘stuff’ but I am guilty of hanging on to things for sentimental reasons. Among the things I will never be able to let go of: old family photographs, my mom’s old modeling photos and these little photo books my french grandmother made for me when I was young (it’s no wonder I’m a photographer). I have a couple of the most important images up in my hallway so that I actually live with them and not just have them shoved away in a box. Oh, and my cat. She’s a possession, right?

What five things can’t you live without?

Coffee, my phone, my camera, tomatoes, the possibility of adventure and travel.

What bores you to death?

The technical sides of things.

What’s your “go-to” specialty – a cocktail, a recipe, a certain flower arrangement?

Hands down, my vinaigrette. The secret is seasoned rice vinegar.

If you could go shopping with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Isabel Marant. She’s someone I imagine has impeccable taste and an opinion. And I demand that we have an unlimited budget and can travel to the ends of the earth to find textiles, weird leather shoes, paintings, piles of rope, great t shirts, amazing old chairs and anything with patina.

Guests are coming over — what’s on your soundtrack?

I like to keep it mellow so a combo of fleet foxes, jose gonzales, adele, feist, the shins, bon iver.  Someone just gifted me spotify for my birthday so I hope to let that choose the soundtrack ;)

• all photos courtesy of laure joliet.

27 responses to “unexpected guests: laure joliet.”

  1. I’m looking to move to LA and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. 450 sq. feet is absolutely nothing to play with! Laure Joliet mixes her minimalist style with just the right amount of pattern and color to add character to her space. *new fan*

  2. i LOVE this place. It has amazing natural light. I have always like the mid century wall unit but have never actually seen them in a modern setting and it looks great! I am drooling over the hanging macrame planter and the woven baskets. Beautiful styling and a wonderful place to call home.

  3. What a great place you have! I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now, but had no idea you live near me in E.P. I’m right between Fix and Yogala.
    Small world!

  4. I just loved the pillows on the sofa, you must tell me where you got them. I’m in the process of changing my design to a more mid century look. These are the pieces that catch my eye and I fall in love with. I love the lamp and I always see them in thrift stores. This is a clean look mixed with modern pieces that I love!!!!

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