fab friday.
by victoria comment


today’s fab friday is really fab, because i am loving fab.com. i’ve signed up for a lot of these discount sites, but fab seems to be the one i consistently find things i really want – not just stuff to clutter up my home because it’s on sale. i hate it when i get sucked in to those kinds of sales. but fab.com features tons of great design — from home decor and kitchen gadgets to clothing and accessories and books. and this week chronicle books, notecards and prints are on sale — here’s some of my favorites! And anyone who signs up today receives $10 bucks* off their order! thanks, fab!

*Offer expires in 60 days.

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  1. I’m obsessed with Chronicle Books. I feel like almost every book I love is published by them. I just took advantage of their September “friends” sale and ordered the Open Studios book. It’s sitting there, with some other gems, just waiting for me to read it. I have to get off the interwebs and back into print. It’s so hard!

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