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i haven’t updated y’all on some of the changes i’ve made around the old homestead lately, so i thought i’d share a few new finds with you. my dining room (former living room) is still in need of something, but i’m having trouble figuring out just what that might be. i got a cowhide rug from ikea, but maybe a white fluffy rug would warm it up a bit? definitely i need to hang some new artwork! a gallery over the settee, perhaps? any suggestions from y’all are most welcome…what do you think it needs?

i got this great vintage beacon camp blanket from cactus creek to add some color and warm up my mid-century modern bench. and, this is my new settee from urban outfitters. i love the look and it was super affordable. and yet, it looks a little lost…what would keep it in good company?

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  1. It’s looking great as usual! Love that settee! If you think it looks lost, maybe something bright like the camp blanket would work with the settee too?

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your pad has allways been a huge inspiration for me, I would love to see more of your place. I dream of a Apartment Therapy house tour…

  3. What an inspiring home! I love the little match holding guy! So cute! Don’t you love it when you feel that your home is at a place where you are excited to photograph it?! I’m still working on that feeling for mine ;)

  4. holy smokes that blanket is phenomenal! And it’s placement at your hearth is perfect, something so awesome should be front and center and the star of the show!!!

    love your mantle arrangement as well!


  5. I like your thoughts about a soft shaggy rug. How about a silvery floor lamp next to the settee, possibly something that hangs over it with a bubble shade. Artwork with a touch of glam in it (photo of your vintage shoes? a Palm Springs hotel scene?) would also add punch.

  6. Lovely and inspiring as usual. Yes, the blanket would be great on the couch, too! I wondered about a vintage or modern floral pillow for the settee, possibly knit or even not-too-fussy tapestry, using some warm colors taken from the blanket? I live on the Oregon coast, , so I understand your need to brighten up a gray Pacific winter! I’m drawn to winey reds and warm yellows, myself.

  7. Lovely! So glad that you’re enjoying your squirrel! It’s actually the candleholder version (since it was one of your picks for the party)… The match strike is a little smaller and has a rough surface to catch the sparks. I think it’s so creative to put matches in this one though – it has so much more stature!

  8. Lovely photos. Where did you get the pretty beige bench in front of your fireplace? I’m looking for something similar to place at the food of my bed! :)

  9. I love your home! I do agree about the more fluffy rug in the dining room looking more warm and inviting. I think you could do an arc lamp or a big pretty potted plant in the living room with some artwork and it would look fabulous. I am in love with your fireplace and everything else about this space!

  10. I totally love the squirrel!
    Away with the cowhide rug, and please no white fluffy rug! A plain old rag rug or an oriental one would go with your style – this would make the room super-cosy.
    But above all: why are there no plants? It looks a bit “sterile” now …

  11. That fireplace and mantle is breath taking! compared to my 70’s stone fireplace…i’m drooling with envy!

    • thanks cathy-jean! the low bookcase is the IKEA LACK – and i added wheels to it so i can easily move it (it weighs a lot with all those books!). the other bookcase came with the house – i think it’s just one of those unfurnished bookcases you can buy and paint.

  12. You did a great job. I don’t see anything I would change. I love the white. The one thing at the fireplace I might get, is a new screen. I’m seeing white. A nice white screen. Or pewter. Possibly a single panel. POP!

  13. my oh my! what a lovely sneak peek!! i realize that i’m a wee bit late to the party, but i’m sure that a floor lamp and/or a tall potted topicary and a small oriental rug to ground the settee should do the trick. oh! or maybe a big chunky floor candle to sit along side your settee for warmth instead of a floor lamp. and your mantel is a show-stopper! i acutally let out a little gaspy sound upon first glance. this just leaves me wanting more views :)

  14. victoria, your place looks amazing! i’m hearing you about the ikea cowhide thing. i have this one in my office as well and because it is more black than white, it really comes off too austere. i think layering is the way to go.


    • emma – i would say it’s not super A+ quality, but it is in fact SUPER comfy. and it looks great in person. i’ve gotten so many compliments on it from guests. it was affordable and worked for my needs.

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