tuesday’s girl: les composantes.
by victoria comment


yet again, i find myself on a blog, with no clue how i quite got here. but i could spend a lot of time of les composantes, gathering inspiration for some pretty fun little fall ensembles. this tuesday’s girl, i found myself down the rabbit hole that is les composantes, a boutique & blog all written in french, so i cannot read it, but nonetheless a very stylish place to be. be sure to visit especially since their sale today includes a selection of vintage pieces!

• fall leaves photo via Zee❀Longenecker; azaleas via cori kindred.

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  1. Oh, fabulous! I’ll definitely be heading over to check the site out. Great vintage looks, and as a specs wearer I love seeing bespectacled models!

  2. I love this blog, Victoria. As a Frenchie myself, the blogosphere of French blogs is even more tightly knit then ours here in the US. If you want any translations let me know!

  3. Love all these outfits… I knew I needed some black tights. I’m just a little distracted by the glasses. I love eyeglasses, don’t get me wrong, I’ve just never really been on board with this trend. I wonder what people love about the oversized glasses so much… Any ideas?

  4. You made me laugh, Victoria, in the prior post about loving the thrown together European look that you say you find hard to pull off yourself. That’s exxxxxxactly what I was thinking as I scrolled through these charming French vintage looks…. fabulous on this model, but mais non, jamais, jamais, jamais pour moi :-).
    That’s the joy of blogs… we can wander and imagine all we like.
    Thanks for such an inspiring start to my afternoon.

  5. Oh, no! I’m afraid to go down that rabbit hole! I think I love every image you have posted! But okay, I’m going, Thank you, I think. Isn’t there a way to translate her blog, because my high school french is long gone!

  6. ooohh cute blog!! I subscribed to it in Google Reader and GR translates blogs into my language for me (which happens to be English but it’ll translate to any language)..so her blog is readable! For those times when it’s not a blog, google’s translate page is quite helpful :)

    Now to gain some wardrobe inspiration from this french blog!

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