girl crush.
by the jealous curator comment


happy wednesday everyone! so, i’d like to begin this installment of “girl crush” by explaining that i also have a bit of an art crush on anyone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to ceramics – hence my feelings for the work of this woman:

oh yes! california based artist amanda smith creates these gorgeous oil paintings on ceramic slabs, and then adds little bits and pieces of sculpted clay, usually in the form of leaves and flowers, to create these stunning pieces. they are a series of beautiful, strange, girly worlds {with fantastic little details, so look closely!} that really should be hanging on my wall :

~ and she finishes it off with a tiny golden apple. ok, this girl crush just became official.

see you soon! ~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. Amanda is one of my very favorite artists– the pieces are even more amazing in real life– there is so much depth to them. Buying one of them is the very best purchase I’ve ever made

  2. it makes me so happy when i introduce people to artists they don’t know about… especially when stalking gets involved… then i know i’ve REALLY done my job ; )

  3. I LOVE Amanda’s work! I’m just thrilled to see it on here! We used to be neighbors back when we lived in Atherton. She is SO incredibly talented. As is her husband, Casey.

  4. Just simply amazing I would buy them… All of them without knowing her… But I have the lucky privilege of knowing this great person who I admire so much!! Wow I didn’t realize how neat her artwork is!!! She is really -really talented … Wow amanda!!! Thank you for sharing your Manu talents with all of us :) love janette

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