23 responses to “lucy, for cath kidston.”

  1. what a delightful surprise to be greeted by sweet Lucy this morning! i have this same Cath set for Gertie. she is white too (with black spots) and i love the collar on her. your babe is so adorable! have a lovely day. oxo

  2. Yay! more pictures of your dog! i saw her peeking out of the corner in pictures of your house…I needed to see more :) she is adorable- and such a great model!

  3. Oh, my…Lucy is SUCH a lovely pooch. She is a GEM! Your blog is just a little slice of heaven, by the way. This is my first visit (suggested by my dear friend, Alyssa), and I will be back! Cheers! :)

  4. Oh sweet Lucy! You are such a gorgeous girl and born to model for Cath Kidston, I think… :)
    Your stirpey attire has my wee man Spanner… *ahem* …me quite envious! I shall add it to his Christmas wishlist… :)
    Emma, x

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