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dutch designer piet hein eek’s Scrapwood Wallpaper Collection has always wowed me, and now Piet Hein Eek has designed two additional styles which will be available as of November 1st. i love the look of this whitewashed plank wood wallpaper! i can’t help but wonder if he might be able to come up with flooring to match!? being able to lay down these white planks on my floor, instead of all that laborious painting? heck, yeah — could be genius!

6 responses to “whitewashed.”

  1. I am 100% positive that wallpapering your floors would be 100x more laborious than painting them. ;)

    That said, I loooooooove this paper. Kind of fantasizing about using it in my kitchen…

  2. Real planks on the floor would be a lot easier to remove than wallpaper! Scraped my kitchen clean of 80s Laura Ashley stuff last summer and it was hell.

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