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My friend Jaime of Design Milk is allergic to wearing color, so she was a tricky one to style. She also happens to be very, very pregnant with a wee little girl, so I took the liberty of styling her for a festive baby shower.

A pregnant girl is not to be messed with, so I gave her the comfort of a gray, basic dress with just a bit of sass to show off her killer legs. The soft, lightweight fabric is very similar to jersey, and because she lives in Jersey… well, it fits.

Jaime has an eye for modern design, so I added a simple black geometric cuff and low booties (that I’m quite sure she’ll refuse to wear!).

I topped off the look with a sunshiney wallet clutch, as this might be one of the last times she can leave home without a giant diaper bag! Congrats, dear Jaime! You look smashing.

until next time, xo erin, design for mankind.

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