it’s all in the details.
by victoria comment


todd selby (my personal hero) has a new home tour up, and i couldn’t help but notice his focus on the small details. this is the very fabulous new york home of Michael Hainey – writer, artist and editor and Brooke Cundiff – director of merchandise for Park and Bond, and it’s clear the two have impeccable taste and an eye for the perfect vintage finds – from chandeliers to the unique way she displays her shoes, i love every inch of it.

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  1. wowza!! i haven’t seen this one, thank you for sharing it!! i seriously want to jump into that bed. and needless to say, her shoe cabinet is a show-stopper! headed over to the Selby now to see what else i need to catch up on & hopefully see some extras of this magical home. oxo

  2. The black thing with laces is not a pouf, I think: it appears to be an old-fashioned “medicine ball” that Everlast sold for decades. I haven’t been to the Everlast website to confirm, but as the owner of three Everlast medicine balls, I feel pretty confident. The house is gorgeous, BTW.

  3. What a wonderful space and I’m so into the cool details. And the shooooooooes! The shoe display! Aw man, gotta wipe the drool off my laptop.

  4. Two things that immediately caught my eyes: books and shoes!! LOVEEE how they “scattered” the books everywhere but they look good! Of course, the shoe display is just nauseatingly enviable item of the day ;-)

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