studio spaces: lisa congdon.
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well, this is a super fun post for me! y’all may already be following some our twitter antics and know by now that san francisco-based artist lisa congdon and her lovely girlfriend clay are good pals of mine. we like to tweet on and on about project runway and other interests of ours, and somewhere along the line of lisa’s tweets i found out she had recently redecorated her art studio. so, admiring it from afar was just not enough for me, and i think i just went right ahead and invited myself to photograph it!

and so, lucky you — you get to see lisa’s studio up close and personal too! it’s so smashing — with its tall loft ceilings and exposed brick painted white, and big old skylights to provide lisa with all the natural light she needs to happily paint her days away. and i can assure you, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out — like a mini museum displaying many of the infamous collections that grace the pages of her book, a collection a day. thanks for letting me share, lisa! for more of lisa’s work, visit her brand new blog, website, and etsy shop.

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  1. What an amazing place she made for herself! Love the colors & the wonderful illustrations! And parts of her great collections as part of everyday inspiration!
    Great to see that she has some work of Fiep Westendorp on her wall!

  2. Awesome photos, Victoria!! I love to see where artists do their work, and Lisa is no exception. She is such an inspiration to me both in personal spirit and creative output, and her studio is truly a reflection of those things. Thank you so much to both of you for sharing. :)

  3. Wow. This space (and photos!) is great! It’s fun to see that Lisa’s studio is just as colorful and inspiring as her work. Thanks for the peek!

  4. Love this post so much! I’m a fan of Lisa’s work and I simply love getting a peek into her studio and she creates her great Art!!! Thanks for the photos and the wonderful inspiration :)

  5. It’s not like I don’t have things to do, but I keep coming back here to drool over Lisa’s studio. I’m a crazy “paint everything bright white” lady and it’s just the coolest example of how great it can look. I couldn’t ever be bummed out there. Thanks a ton! (Off to see if you Pinned it all already!)

      • LOL. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I see Gerrie’s influence in Lisa’s work…..I am happy to be a collector of BOTH their work!!

  6. love this space, color, quirkiness. absolutely fantastic and now I’m going to follow your blog! Saw this on Twitter…am taking Holly Becker’s Blogging Your Way class and it’s opening up doors to everywhere. Absolutely love the colorful inspiration…

  7. LOVE. I love the mix of airiness with pops of color and organically curated vignettes.

    P.S. Can’t wait to meet you both in person at Alt! – Kathleen

  8. Thank you for all your kind words, everyone! Making me so emotional and happy today. And thank you Victoria for so beautifully capturing my workspace!! It is a magical place to create, indeed.

  9. thank You for sharing.
    always so inspiring to see an artists work space.. how all those ideas, Life, and bits of color+materials come together to make Art.

  10. I’m soo giddy looking at this. Amazing space & Amazing photos, V! I love your selective focusing. Love love LOVE.

    I might have to invite myself over to your space, Lisa! You know I’ll bring you cookies!

  11. Lisa is completely adorable and her artwork is amazing! Loved this peek into the process and her studio is light and full of inspiring things. Wonderful profile, hooray!!

  12. Thanks for those pictures, Victoria! I always love seeing people’s creative spaces, and since I’m currently taking Lisa (and Mati)’s painting class, I’m even more interested. I love the white painted bricks and the unfinished floor that screams “don’t be afraid of working with messy materials”. My only small regret is that Wilfredo is nowhere to be seen (always a treat when Lisa tweets his picture) :).

  13. gorgeous! that studio has great bones, and is filled with amazing art. love the bits of color. and that white/grey birches painting leaning against the wall – taking my breath away.

  14. ahh, i love lisa & love these photos! lisa’s studio is so organized & bathed in light – the kind of inspiring space that totally makes you to get down to being creative. lovely!

  15. In addition to what everyone else has said, it also strikes me just how consistent and cohesive everything is. Even the paint rag matches the space! Lisa – Beautiful studio. Victoria – wonderful job capturing it in photos. You guys make a good team!

  16. This studio is completely a reflection of Lisa, her creativity, and the way she sees the world. Her studio IS just one big fun art installation. She NEVER has a bad day there, I can assure you! It’s wonderful in person, too…I’m constantly amazed. Victoria, you did an amazing job shooting and capturing this – I love it!

  17. I love Lisa’s work and it comes as no surprise that her studio would be as equally amazing as her body of work. You have captured spirit and creativity perfectly!

  18. beautiful & so light-filled!

    the ever joyful color palette she works with reminds me of that of artists megan whitmarsh & patrick hruby. i love it.

    thank you for sharing!

  19. So amazing! Beautiful photos! Loved seeing it all. Such an inspiration to see Lisa’s space, to see Lisa in her space, where all that wonderful art comes from. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Have loved lisa’s work since I first saw her crafty quilt stuff…am now the proud owner of a print and matchbox. Lisa’s work continues to be fresh and inspiring. Thanks for this peek into her clean modern studio…

  21. Love … well, all of it!, but particularly the frame with the vintage portrait photos in it. I’d like to try that with old photos of my grandparents etc. Thank you Victoria (and Lisa!) for great photos!

  22. ▲▽△▲▽▲
    i love her work ! and her place ,full of beautiful energy,i love the mix between the past and present,really happy place!(and her diamond jumper!!!)
    bonne journée

  23. I never get tired of seeing photos of Lisa’s studio. There’s always something whimsical and new to see. And I’m always inspired to get into my workspace when I see her workspace. Thank you both for sharing these fantastic photos… and also thanks for the link the the “My Love For You” podcast. I watched the awesome Sigur Ros documentary today because of listening to that podcast. Plus it was an all around great interview. :)

  24. Great photos of a great space!! I admire Lisa’s work and I love her use of color! I totally envy her skylights, high ceilings and probably everything else about her fabulous career, too ;)

  25. Wow, how inspiring is that!!
    What makes it really special for me are the prints of some illustrations by Fiep Westendorp, my all-time favourite illustrator!! Awesome!

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