fab friday.
by victoria comment


i saw this 1950s vintage black bombshell swimsuit on allen company inc and got all giddy with black and white excitement. how cool would this look just simply hanging in a bedroom, or maybe a bath as a piece of art? i’m feeling bloody well b&w this fab friday and nobody can change my mind.

Blodwen ‘Cegin’ Tapestry Floor Rug; urban outfitters zigzag shams and duvet; shared art print from you sentimental idiot — i kinda love everything in this shop; very rad Vintage Mid Century Sofa from hindsvik; love this look via elle sweden; black & white wall clock via fab.com; Not a Gallery‚Äôs WallRounds – removable checkerboard wallpaper; amazing japanese scissors from best made; brita sweden’s wool blanket is yummy (via honey kennedy); and i quite fancy urban outfitter’s Fuji Instax Mini 50S Camera.

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  1. I have one of those suits in black tucked away somewhere but not as awesome. Pockets! You should find something funny to put in them! Wow. Deffo worth hanging on the wall. I only wish I could still wear mine. I usta wear it as a top with jeans if I was feeling extra thin. Those suits hurt! Yours looks like it could be worn by a widow in mourning. The: “I just lost my husband suit, but still need to get a tan and carry my belongings with me.”

  2. Victoria, those scissors are the BEST! A pair were given to me about 31 years ago when I went to design school. I have only used them for fabric in all of that time. They are (after all of these years) still in great condition. Diana from San Francisco

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