“it list” design crush.
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this week’s “it list” comes from one of my long-time favorite bloggers, kelly beall of design crush. kelly’s an oklahoma-based graphic designer and blogger since 2007, sharing all that inspires her, and never what doesn’t! here’s what kelly’s inspired by right now. i think my wallet may be a bit thinner after this post. sigh. thanks so much, kelly!

get kelly’s “it list’:

1. i am crushing big time on this Penguin books iPhone case from Cassia Beck and Society6. and it’s also available as a print, a canvas, and laptop and iPad skins. 2. i’ve been following the Handwritten Letter Project online since it first began, and now i can’t wait to snatch up a copy of its book incarnation. 3. autumn is by and far my favorite season, i’d love to keep this print from howkapow embodiment of it around all year long. those colors!

4. i’m waiting on pins and needles for Sally England’s shop to open, her modern macrame pieces are simple and lovely. 5. i (not so) secretly wish this unearthen vial necklace were filled with Atlantic instead of Pacific Ocean, but a girl can pretend. 6. these stacking vessels from piadesign are made of wood, studio glass, and ceramic. i love how organic and useful they feel. 7. it’s rare that you see a kitchen textile so uniquely designed, these potholders from Alder + Co. had me at first glance.

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