inspired by: the selby.
by victoria comment


there’s yet another amazing home tour on the selby this month. damn, todd selby blows me away — in fact, my mighty life list includes my dream of having him shoot my home one day. i was honored last week to be included with the talented Mr. selby in the telegraph uk’s 20 best interiors blogs. our names have never been in such close proximity before, and i was elated. but back to this house. it’s a doozy. it’s the japanese home of hitoshi uchida – owner of j’antiques tokyo. eclectic, minimalist vintage-modern at its finest!

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  1. I hate to jump to conclusions but this isn’t what I expect when I think “Tokyo”. I love it. It really makes a big difference if you don’t have wall to wall carpets. There is limitations with that. Floor is everything imo. What he did to the ceiling is really cool.

  2. “eclectic, minimalist vintage-modern at its finest!” is right! Love the photo tour. It has such a minimal feel to it and yet there are so many lovely new details I pic up each time I look through the pics. thank you!

  3. Kind of dreamy and fun and vintage and so unexpected. Love it and congratulations to you (living side-by-side with Mr. Selby)! Absolutely awesome.

  4. I saw you in the Telegraph, well done!
    Love the blog.
    Hate this house though, ugh, reminds me of a movie set and ….spiders.
    I much prefer your house Victoria!.

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