girl crush.
by the jealous curator comment


sigh – yet another girl crush filled with beautiful things. i’m a sucker for all things crocheted and embroidered, so there was really no way to stop myself from falling for the work of this woman:

it’s like a biology text book and a ball of yarn fell madly in love, got married and had a few babies! and the matchmaker who got these two crazy kids together? brooklyn based artist emily barletta. i have to admit, i might be a little bit in love too. i have a soft spot in my heart for work that blurs the line between art and craft, and she has definitely done that with these stunning, organic sculptures. crochet, embroidery, clay, bead work beautifully crafted into, well, diseased cells. i’ll let emily explain:

“i have a spinal disease that has always been a present and physically painful force in my life. the majority of my art stems from this fact, but to say that i make artwork as therapy would be untrue. i make artwork and it is therapeutic. this is the same to say that i make art and i am in pain; instead of saying i make art because i am in pain. i cannot separate these ideas. the objects that result from this are the invented anatomical structures of my imagination and my biology. these structures relate to cells, veins, organs, skin, blood, and bones. but they tend to express themselves as flowers, plants, tubes, topography, diseases, bacteria, growths, mold, and organisms. they spread, spill, leak, and grow their way into existence through yarn and a crochet hook.”

what beautiful way to deal with pain – so inspiring. but wait, there’s more! i recently went back to emily’s site, expecting to find a few new tapestries, but instead i found these little beauties:

simple shapes, red embroidery thread, and thick white watercolor paper. i want them. i want them all. emily, you truly are amazing, on so many levels.

~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. These are amazing! Such detail! I’m also a huge fan of artist who blur the line between art and craft. I’ve got a stack of books on learning how to embroider, I think it’s time I crack them open… I’m officially inspired : )

  2. What incredible work! I am a sucker for fabric and embroidery being used non traditional mediums and these are brilliant! I especially love the new work!

  3. Oh my, I think i have a girl crush too. These are amazing! Love, love, love. Thank you for sharing to a girl who went to school for biology and fine art (mhmm, that’s right!)
    xo Laura
    Turquoise Lollipops

  4. I’m so happy that you shared Emily’s work. I do a crochet artist profile on my site each week and the research I did into Emily for that remains one of my favorite weeks of research!

  5. Love this work so much! The crochet is amazing and I never would have thought it could be used in this most artful way…! But here it is! So interesting to try something new and work at it having some intention as to what you are hoping for… I love the embroideries as well.. dainty and precise and beautiful…
    I admire your work so much!

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