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the royal gardens in brussels are absolutely stunning! i’m taken with this greenhouse, the wire structure, and airy space. i love this nighttime photograph as well – it’s so romantic, sophisticated and a little bit masculine. can you imagine living in a glass house? this post is all about windows, interesting shaped frames, and spots of gold. i especially love the mobile from bookhouathome, which reminds me of those helicopter seeds that fall from trees!

glass wall living room under the tree canopy / geometric shelves from junglai / mobile from bookhouathome / wallet from anthropologie / skylight print by sarah thibault.

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  1. I live in Brussels! Each year they open up the greenhouses for just a few weeks in late spring so that you walk around. It only costs a couple of euros and they are just massive!! My favourite part is all the small connecting glass corridors which are always full of fuschias hanging from the ceiling. Amazing!

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