separated at birth.
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i haven’t had the time it takes me to put together a separated at birth in a while, and truth be told, i don’t really have the luxury of time to do one now. but busy be damned, i’m doing it anyway! i thought i’d go a little bit rock ‘n roll today. have fun, and ummm, enjoy the music.

david bowie; and bedroom via lonny magazine.

steven tyler; and lucy chadwick’s house via the selby.

draper striped sheets from dwellstudio; and morrissey via doorsixteen.

elvis costello and his camera; and abigail ahern’s mantel via the selby.

lonny bedroom; and a warm and fuzzy george harrison.

• top image: beautiful living room via designsponge; and lenny kravitz.

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  1. Bowie is my hero! I like this photo of him (before his botox and veneers), the elvis costello combo is tres aperture magic! and the Morrisey has me in the mood to play his song Last of the International Playboys! George Harrison=Lush!

  2. Lovely, the Morrisey is fantastic. Also, i’ve just spent the last hour researching vintage-style chesterfields. I think my decision has been made with the first pic.

  3. Oh man I’m so glad you found the time to do one of these posts because I LOVE your “separated at birth” posts! Excellent! :) Agree with MO above…don’t know how you do it!!!!

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE George <3

  4. hi victoria…
    your eye candy is consistently just…the best! blogged ya today here. the pictures were all strung together so i hope you don’t mind so many. i wanted to show my upholsterer the chairs i found on craigslist so i referenced back to your ‘new digs’ and do you know what? the chairs on cl were almost exactly the same. funny how an image gets so lodged in your brain!

    i’ve been a huge fan of your style ever since i stumbled across you around 3 years ago. when i saw your color scheme, i was like, yes! oh…oh my gosh! that’s it! even though i have fewer midcentry pieces and more of a modern romantic look, it’s your colors i am so drawn to. and i completely understand the vacillation between black and white. they are both the ultimate neutral, the ultimate in starkness, the ultimate ultimate. they are opposites but in a way they are the same because they both provide a clean slate and drama at the same time.

    thanks for fun reads!

  5. OF COURSE the Morrissey pic is coupled with the Dwell Studio bedding I’ve been crushing on forever! Always love when you do these, but especially love this one today.

  6. I LOVE these! I think these kinds of creative exercises are so much fun. They really make you look at things in a different way. Except for Lenny. I always look at him in the same way. HOT. :)

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