girl crush.
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hello! so, i was going through my jealous curator archives, and i noticed that there was a bit of a trend. it turns out that i’m jealous of a lot of lisas. can you see where this is going? yep, today’s girl crush is my “ode to lisas”:

you really can’t have a lisa list without this lady! i have a huge art crush on san francisco based artist/illustrator lisa congdon. she paints, makes beautiful mixed media pieces, illustrates books, and turns blogs about collections of things into books. oh yes. very crush-worthy.

and now, from paper pieces, to photography:

oh boy. another san francisco based lisa. photographer lisa wiseman captures the lovliest polaroid images on her iphone. wait – what? yep, with her iphone. she refers to this as “the evolution of polaroid”:

“because the iphone has become a ubiquitous accessory, on-the-go picture taking is now the norm. people use their iphones to take spontaneous photos in the same carefree way that cheap polaroid film has been used in the past.”

ok, i really didn’t mean for all of these lisas to be from california, but here comes another one!

these delicate embroidery on duralar pieces by lisa solomon are next on my list. i have loved lisa’s work for ages, and hope you do too! she has so many amazing pieces in her portfolio, from domestic scenes to colorful doilies that actually represent toxins and viruses – a lovely juxtaposition!

alright, now we’re heading north, to portland:

oh, so pretty! little bits and pieces of sunny childhood memories brought lovingly to you by lisa golightly. swimmers, skaters, and the most magical marionettes you’ve ever seen! ok, and the last lisa on my list today is all the way from denmark:

oh. my. word. plates with owls, bunnies, and neon pom-poms?! are you kidding me? how can i not have a crush on lisa grue! not that i would actually eat off of these lovely works of art, but i’d definitely want to have a few of them hanging on the wall for my next tea party!

well, there you have it – a list of lovely lisas! see you in two weeks with another post full of fabulous work by fabulous girls ~ the jealous curator xo

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