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Hello! My name is Jen and I write the blog, Honey Kennedy. I hope you’re all having a wonderful week — I’m sure most of you are starting to get a little crazy with the holidays coming up. I thought I’d share some things that I think would be lovely for lounging around the house. They’d also probably make fantastic gifts for some of the more difficult people on your list. I know this because I am, admittedly, one those difficult people! Thanks for having me, Victoria. Happy Holidays, everyone!

1. Boiled Apple Cider Syrup: This syrup sounds amazing. There is also ginger one, but the apple cider syrup sounds lovely for putting in cocktails, mocktails, baked goods and desserts right now. The Fall Apple Crush cocktail sounds delicious and there is even a stuffing recipe. For the record, the only way I will eat stuffing is if it is homemade with big chunks of stale crusty bread, so it doesn’t get mushy. Also, bunches of thyme and shallots are a must in my book.

2. Stoneware Striped Teapot: I’ve been losing my mind over the amazing new furniture and housewares line from Portland company, Schoolhouse Electric. I’ve started collecting the Blackline Stoneware and this beauty is next on my list. I’ve already picked up some of the mugs and latte bowls and I’m over the moon about them. They’re so durable and classic.

3. Pendleton The Portland Collection Blanket: I’m crazy about this gorgeous wool blanket. It even comes with a handy leather harness strap to carry it around easier. I also love the other Portland Collection blanket from Pendleton with the mustard trim. They’re both perfect!

4. Portland’s 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces: What’s better than lounging around reading about places you can go eat once you leave the house? I’m excited to check this book out. I live in Portland and I have barely scratched the surface of all the yummy food we have in this town. (photo via Alder & Co. ♥)

5. The Adler Sofa: Like I said, I’ve been going cuckoo over the big new line from Schoolhouse Electric and this sofa is at the top of my want list. I admired it online and was then thrilled to be able to go sit on it at the beautiful new Schoolhouse Electric showroom. I didn’t want to get up! I just wanted to go home, get a book and a blanket and camp out on the deep, lovely velvet masterpiece. SO COMFY!

6. Trotski & Ash Recipe Calender: I love the recipes that the Australian ladies behind Trotski & Ash, Sarah Trotter and Romy Ash, come up with. This calender has beautiful photographs by Lauren Bamford and includes recipes that you can easily pull out and save. These will sell fast! Find HERE.

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