18 responses to “can you spell color?”

  1. Anthropologie, I die. Looking back on my life in New York, I suspect I would have been a lot wealthier if there was no Anthropologie store in town (but then, my apartment wouldn’t have been nearly as pretty).

  2. Those are simply adorable! Worth changing one’s initials over ;-)

    The K is my favorite, but alas, in our family we’d only need the E and a few S ones… which are just not as pretty.

  3. I bought the j for me using a bday giftcard and I was excited at how cute it looked when I took it out of the box. However, when I washed it (my dishwasher is broke) I saw that it was made in china :( Also, the handle isn’t the best for holding that super hot cup of coffee or tea. Regardless of those downsides, I still use it frequently since I don’t have that many mugs.

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