inspired by: inga powilleit.
by victoria comment


i’ve always loved emily chalmers and her very appropriately charming sense of style, but i’d never seen her london loft through the eyes of photographer inga powilleit. inga’s photography style is quite striking and almost documentary-like. here’s a peek at emily’s loft. for more amazing interiors and lifestyle shoots from inga, take a look at her incredibly beautiful online portfolio.

• all photos by inga powilleit.

13 responses to “inspired by: inga powilleit.”

  1. ohh how i have always adored Inga’s space. i have never seen the top photo or the dining photo. thank you for this super duper dreamy collection that you have shared. now i begin my day inspired!! oxo

  2. oopsie, Emily’s space, & Inga’s photography. it would be so fun to be able to capture spaces the way that only she can. similar to the Selby, which i adore. dang, i need a lot more practice with my little camera Sylvester :)

  3. This post just made me smile… a lot! I absolutely love Emily Chalmers’ style. My next book I want to buy by her is the Modern Vintage Style one. Love, love, love her style!! : ) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I very rarely comment, but I look forward to your blog posts each week! So inspiring. So I just wanted to say thank you! This space, like many of the others you post, is lovely (and makes me want a loft … instead of a studio apartment).

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