i spy: reindeer games.
by victoria comment


“Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!” sorry — i got a little carried away there. anyway, you get my drift — this week i spy reindeer games. stags and antlers are everywhere, and deer, well they seem to always be in fashion. everyone loves a good bambi. those sweet doe eyes get ya everytime.

clockwise, l to r: real living; lisa congdon’s reindeer print at 20×200; abigail ahern; lonny; kari herer print; alex mcarthur shop; pink based antlers from pedlars; stag antlers from brabourne farm‘ and rosa lux.

clockwise, l to r: photographer emily johnston anderson via rue; apartment therapy, via desire to inspire; perfect for hanging jewelry via stylizimo; debbie carlos print; my living room, via rue magazine; photographer trine thorsen via decor8; SkandiaMäklarna.

• top image celluloid reindeer from stray squirrels.

13 responses to “i spy: reindeer games.”

  1. Beautiful collection. But I hate seeing real antlers on a wall. Reminds me too much of the poor deers being hunted down and shot. I also feel any display of them is condoning those actions. But it is very striking.

  2. What is it with antlers looking so awesome? It’s terribly distressing because I love the way they look, but would feel weird about having them in my house – like a real bear skin rug or something. Fake antlers seem like they would be tacky. I guess I have no choice to but to whittle some out of wood… (I’m only half joking.)

  3. Victoria…I love your post today about antlers. I am a huge fan of antlers!!! I use them in every design project I do. And, when, in some cases, a client does not want to use a rack from a killed animal, we use shed antlers or have them commissioned out of glass or plaster…
    Have a great day.
    Robert Duhon…AmericanAntler.blogspot.com

  4. next time I go visit my grandma I’m going to snag one of her many lace table cloths. I thing a dye bath in a bright color is in order. thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love this post, probably because I also have an antler fascination. However, I would probably say from a design perspective that while deer are perennial, they are not always “in fashion.” I say celebrate the dear little deers now, while they are both in fashion and in season!

  6. I love Kari Herer’s print. Her artwork is so amazing, she even makes antlers freak me out a little less haha. Maybe it’s the fact that, growing up, I would visit my extended family (3rd cousins, etc.) and they would shoot a deer on Thanksgiving. Then my uncle would mount the head on his wall. Yep- I was a vegetarian for a loooong time.

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