modernica plays santa – george nelson giveaway.
by victoria comment


oooh, this is one good giveaway! modernica is playing santa this season and hosting a sponsored giveaway for sfgirlbybay readers! modernica is the licensed distributor of george nelson bubble lamps, and they are giving one away one beautiful mid-century modern bubble pendant lamp to one happy reader!

NOTE: COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED. we’ll announce the winner next week! thanks for entering!

to enter simply:

• head over to modernica and choose your favorite george nelson small or medium pendant bubble lamp (please note: the extra large bell lamp is excluded from giveaway).

• then pop back here and comment, telling us your favorite george nelson lamp to enter to win.

• giveaway includes shipping to U.S. winner only; if you are out of the country and would still like to enter, you will simply be required to pay international shipping fees.

• as always, please be sure and leave a way to contact you, either email, facebook or twitter.

• enter by friday, december 9, at midnight. winner will be announced on twitter next week!

• woohoo!!

• sponsored giveaway hosted by modernica.

510 responses to “modernica plays santa – george nelson giveaway.”

  1. J’adore the Saucer CC lamp. The lines within the shape are perfection. My future dining room (that currently needs mega help & is so gloomy/dark, but always takes the back burner) dreams of this shade hanging. This would go in our little Edwardian flat to balance out the old & the new with a timeless light. Twitter is @nicolelafave or

  2. we just finished up some major renovations and the saucer lamp would tie everything together so wonderfully. what a great giveaway!

  3. lantern lamp! would look so beautiful above my humidor table and vintage lingerie chest! thanks for such a great giveaway!

  4. I can’t decide! Its between the propeller or the apple. Lets go w/ propeller. No apple. No propeller. No – oy, just surprise me :)

  5. great giveaway.. love the saucer cc medium lamp… have been eyeing that lamp for years… would be great over the dining room table!

  6. The Saucer Lamp would look ###perfect over my kitchen table. Love its clean lines,,,& it’s soft shape is a lovely contrast to the strong look of our maple-topped Parsons table. It would work well w/ the soft yellow walls, too……diana

  7. The saucer lamp, absolutely, without a doubt, positively for sure. It would do wonders for my generic little military house. Wonders, I tell ya’!!

  8. The Ball CC Lamp would look perfect in my office! I love Nelson bubble lamp and I have the saucer lamp over the dining room table! I just purchased an Eichler house in East Bay so I want to make this house an awesome Mid Century Modern home! :D

  9. I have bought two Saucer lamps (medium and large) for my kitchen and dining room, and would love to replace the broken glass lamp in my bedroom with yet another Saucer!

  10. I just found out about Modernica! I love the saucer lamp the most! To me it says “classic modern home”. (hopefully my home :)

  11. i’d fancy several, hanging in a cluster, would love to start my collection with the classic saucer. thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. The medium saucer lamp is my favorite.

    This is my first post so just wanna say love your blog and thanks for all the beautiful images you share every day.

  13. oh my. seriously, this is the best giveaway ever! i was just looking at bubble lamps over the weekend for my new home and the medium saucer is classic. love it! thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  14. Love Modernica! I would love to put the medium Saucer Pendant in the nursery that we’re just starting to plan!

  15. Oh my! I would gladly pay shipping all the way to Norway if Ithat could make me one happy owner of the Saucer lamp.

  16. I am in LOVE with Nelson Bubble Lamps! I have been coveting the Saucer CC Lamp for a while now. I think it would look perfect over the dining table we bought last year for our 10 year anniversary. Perfect. :) Happy Holidays SF Girl! (And Modernica!)

  17. Absolutely love the Large Saucer cc Lamp. I have been dreaming about one illuminating my dark living room!

  18. Another vote for the medium Saucer Hanging Bubble Lamp. One of my former neighbors had one over her kitchen table, and it just looked great.

  19. Out of all of them I love the Pear CC lamp…love the shape! Been trying to find a lamp to put on the other side of my couch…I made the lamp on the opposite side…the two would be perfect together!

  20. The Apple lamp caught my eye immediately, it is lovely. I know everyone wants the saucer, but maybe its time to mix it up!

  21. I have always loved the saucer lamp (though I think only the small would fit in this house)! It’s just never been in my budget.

  22. I love the saucer cc pendant lamp!
    We have the Propeller Pendant that sits over our dining table, but I would love to switch this out w/ the saucer cc for shallower profile that still provides the cross frame construction!

    I am head over heels for the pear lamp in medium… I am now drooling as I envision it replacing the horrid early 90’s gold monstrosity in our dining room….

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  24. Happy Monday morning to you too!
    What a great gift to the Lucky winner:-)
    My favorite is the Saucer CC lamp.
    Thanks Sfgirlbybay your blog makes me crave a field trip into San Francisco everyday xoxo

  25. I love the Saucer CC lamp – it’s so divine! Thanks for the opportunity to light up and beautify my home!

  26. I love the Saucer CC lamp – it’s just as lovely as the Saucer lamp with a little pop of extra style!

  27. I’m from Hungary, and I would like to take part in this amazing giveaway!
    I would really love to have a Propeller lamp. Thank you!

  28. I’ve been dreaming of getting a medium George Nelson Saucer lamp to go above the dinette in my kitchen for ages. I adore it!

  29. The propeller lamp would look lovely in my new house! Our dining room would be modern and fabulous. :)

  30. I have always loved the Cigar Lamp…..just a wonderful classic!

    Thanks so much for being a part of this give-away. I appreciate being able to enter.


  31. So hard to choose! I would love a different one in each room of my house starting with the saucer CC!

  32. I love the medium Saucer lamp. It would bring so much added interest over the kitchen table. I love the clean simple lines.

  33. Saucer lamp cc!! You guys have the most AWESOME stuff :)
    Thanks for the opportunity and HAPPPY HOLIDAZE

  34. Oh Pear Lamp,

    I love you. It IS that simple. If you would only be mine- did I mention that it is birthday?
    With love boarding on lust,

  35. So hard to choose! Thank you so much for letting international readers enter, I was crossing my fingers that we would be allowed to.

    I have always wanted a Saucer Pendant lamp but I think I might just pick the CC Pear Pendant instead!

    Thank you!

  36. What a great question! I have always loved the flying saucer and the cigar shapes, but the lantern sudddenly appeals to me as a wonderful way of bringing the old and the new together – if I could only have one lamp this would be it!

  37. I’m finding it hard to decide between the Criss Cross Saucer and the Criss Cross Pear lamps! They are ALL wonderful!

  38. i would love any nelson lamp! but the cc saucers are especially cool and so versatile so you can use them even with low ceilings.

  39. Wow! What a fabulous give-away!! I like the Apple Lamp – my daughter’s apartment is screaming for it!

  40. dang! Modernica ain’t playin around with this giveaway! i have always been a true blue fan of the beautiful Ball George Nelson Bubble lamp. the medium size would light up my kitchen’s life & beckon us to use our nook and put an end to coffee table dining. so grateful for the chance Victoria. thank you. best of luck to all! oxo

  41. The saucer lamp is the and would look so incredible in my 1932 Craftsman house in east dallas. right there above my dining room table, or maybe just in the corner of the living room – a sculpture and a light! love it. i wanna win.

  42. I would be thrilled with any of them, but since I have to choose one, I think a medium pear would be just the thing for our dining room.

  43. Well I love the saucer shape but I’d choose the small ball to win and would be over the moon willing to pay postage to Canada. Gosh this IS a groovy giveaway. Please toss my name in to the hat and I’m calling the karma card if anyone is listening! *smiles* and good luck to all, Norma

  44. What a fantastic giveaway! The small saucer pendant is the ONE— growing up we had one hanging over our kitchen table and every time I see one, it reminds me of my childhood.
    Good luck to all and thanks so much for this chance to win an iconic fixture.

  45. Wow, what a generous giveaway! I’ve been dreaming of a medium saucer for years, but haven’t been able to get one. Would LOVE to hang it in my very bland mid-50s dining room to give it a shot of classic GNelson love!

  46. The Saucer CC Lamp all the way! I just moved into my new SF flat and this would would not only add great character to my living room, but it would certainly inspire further growth!

  47. The pear lamp for me – please please please please pretty please – make my christmas!! They all all totally stunning though has to said and I am a tad obsessed by then

  48. *Swoon* I have always loved the classic medium saucer pendant! Thank you for the contest, Victoria & Modernica!

  49. what a great give away !!! hard to choose one lamp with such a choice ;) but I would go for the Cigar cc lamp :)
    Bonne journee !

  50. i loooove the medium saucer cc lamp! for some reason it kinda reminds me of my grandmother’s house from the 1970’s.

  51. Has a 60’s child, I grew up with a george nelson saucer lamp over our dining table. So that is the ticket for me!

  52. Wow, how generous! I love the medium saucer CC..difficult choice they all are beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity.

  53. It would be so hard to choose, but I have a penchant for the classic saucer lamp (but that apple lamp is great, too!) Either would be perfect in my upper half-story remodel! Thanks for the giveaway – fingers crossed!

  54. Wow, great give-away! It’s so hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the Pear CC lamp. Let’s hope luck is on my side!

  55. I am in desperate NEED of the Ball CC lamp! It must replace my hideous, builder grade, glass and gold lamp hanging in my staircase. It’s in a place of prominence as you walk through the front door and it must be eliminated!

  56. Mmm that propeller lamp would look divine in my office. One wall is to be black chalkboard and the other we are covering with vintage Nat Geo Maps. It would sit right over my dad vintage wooden drafting desk from an elementary school in the 60’s. Oh please. Oh please.

  57. I love the medium Saucer CC Lamp — the helix pattern of the ribs is so fifties nuclear age. And thank-you for the wonderful inspiration your blog provides each week.

  58. I have always been a saucer lamp kind a guy although my wife, the architect and of course boss, has managed to purchase the long Cigar and the CC saucer. Some times you have to suffer for good design.!

  59. Man, tough choice! But I’d have to go with the saucer lamp. Just such an iconic classic. Oh, and awesome!

  60. Hello! Very cool giveaway. My favourite (By the way, I am Canadian, that is why I spelled favourite the Canadian way :) is the Propeller Lamp.
    Thank you for your awesome blog and great content!

  61. I love them all! Though the saucer is a beautiful classic that would be hard to pass up. Thank you for the opportunity to win! :)

  62. I have been pining over the Saucer Crisscross Lamp (Medium) for years. YEARS! I would absolutely faint if someone sent me one!

  63. oh. my. god. i have been in love with these lamps for EVER! i worked at room & board for quite some time and coveted these every single day.

    without a doubt, the medium saucer lamp is my favorite. i love the other shapes, but the classic, iconic shape of the saucer seems about as timeless as anything could possibly be.

    i would die. i was literally shopping these lamps last week, as i need something for my new dining room. alas, they’re out of my budget right now, as a startup jewelry designer!

    maybe, just maybe i’ll be one out of the hundreds of people who enter! fingers crossed!

    son of a sailor

  64. I adore the Saucer CC Lamp (Medium). I’ve been wanting one for so long but haven’t had the money to buy one. They are simple beautiful and I have the perfect place for it. What a fantastic giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. I LOVE your blog!

  65. holy mackerel! the medium saucer lamp has been on my xmas list for years! can anything be more beautiful? answer: nope. what an amazing giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win one!!!! happy holidays and xo.

  66. the MEDIUM SAUCER LAMP is the most lovely one, for sure. classic and perfect in every way. what a good giveaway! have a great holiday season!

  67. Would ADORE the Propeller Lamp. Have been dreaming of owning a George Nelson designed product for so long, it would make my year – both 2011 + 2012!


  68. i would love love love a pear, ball, or propeller lamp (all are so beautiful) for my lil girl’s room, she is 14 months and it would be so perfect please! xoxo Barbara

  69. Saucer CC for sure, pick me! Pick meeeeeee! I just moved into my new house and I’m going mid-century modern, all craigslist and garage sales. I furnished my living room for under 1,000. Will send pick soon. :-)

  70. My entry is crying out for the saucer cc lamp. If this fabulous giveaway doesn’t come through for me, would you be so good as to pass on my entreaty to Santa?

  71. Small saucer lamp for me! Yes, I’d be glad to pay for shipping it over here to the NL.
    Good luck everyone and thanks for the giveaway!

  72. My living room has been calling out for the saucer CC Lamp. Seriously. I hear the walls whispering to me. It’s getting a bit creepy! Please make it stop by choosing my name!

  73. Oh my. So many wonderful George Nelson lamps! I have wanted a Bubble Lamp® Ball Pendant for years. What an exciting contest! I love Modernica and SF Girl by Bay!!! Thanks!!

  74. I have coveted the medium Saucer Lamp for years! My dining room is crying out – pick me, pick me!! My 1990’s builder-redo, standard ceiling fixture will try to stop you. It knows it’s not wanted!

  75. I love the ball cc lamp! it would be perfect in my living room! I’ll send you a picture once it’s up!


  76. i just dug out the vanity my grandfather gave to my mom when she was 14 from her saucy portland basement (home), played with the power tools for a bit, and refinished it into a beautiful vanity for my cozy college room in sf. a fab george nelson sauer lamp hanging above it would be the cherry on top :)

  77. The swirl of
    this sudden
    My mother’s
    saucer lamp
    hangs from
    the ceiling—

  78. The saucer CC lamp over my dining room table would distract from Plan 9 from Outer Space cookbook specials.

  79. Are you kidding me?? I already know that I would have to go with the saucer cc lamp! Karma, pleeeeease be on my side today!


  80. Love me some George Nelson saucer lamp! What a great contest! Crossing my mid-century modern fingers…

  81. Love the Crisscross &/or regular Saucer lamp!!! Or the Cigar lamp. Or the Bubble lamp. Or the Apple lamp. Or the Pear lamp. Did I say the Saucer lamp already?

  82. some sweet lamps! I like the Medium Saucer CC Lamp the best! Thanks for the giveaway… just in time for the holidays!
    Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom
    palmbreezeliving dotblogspot dotcom

  83. Fabulous contest! I love them all, but if I was selected to be the winner…I’d LOVE the Saucer lamp – a timeless classic!