fab friday.
by victoria comment


i’m feeling a bit cheeky as put this post together. maybe it’s the new haircut i got today, gone to my head. or, maybe it’s the wee scotch i poured this evening. anyway, i digress — here’s a few fun things for a very fab friday.

clockwise, l to r: 1. damien russell’s photograph of a bad painting – this reminds me of colin firth and i would just about do anything to own this painting (within reason, mind you). 2. i find these unusual bookmarks of legs rather amusing. people are so darn clever. 3. don’t ask me what came over me, but i felt oddly drawn to this ‘quarantine’ vintage sign from lackluster co. i picked up on fab.com — it’s just that i feel sometimes under quarantine as i blog away here all by my lonesome. 4. i love this sweet little mermaid bottle opener from fishs eddy, don’t you? 5. this Vintage Felt Souvenir Pennant ‘Cowboy Town’ would kitsch up any room, from trampoline. 6. i quite like this print called vine by jaime hogge from mammoth & company — reminds me of harold & maude, a favorite and very dark film. 7. a funny friend at the dog park said this once, and when i saw it at cafe press, i almost died. i think it may be from a movie (anyone know?), but namaste, bitches. 8. and, on a more serious note, this is a pretty rad rolling console table from cost plus world market! 9. now, where did i put my cocktail — ah yes, right over here on these very pretty molly m felted coasters from pod.

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  1. hee hee- put the Scotch down! So those are felt coasters. I couldn’t figure them out! I love the Namaste Bitches- Hysterical!- and right back at ya. ;-) (I might have to find that for a friend of mine who teaches yoga.) Harold and Maude. Great film. Maybe I will go rent it. I’m in a December-May relationship, (I wonder if my husband thinks of me as Maude.) hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Can I have one of everything, please and thank you. You’ve gathered some really cool, funky stuff here. Aren’t those bookmarks hilarious? Have a great weekend.

    Namaste, bitches.

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