the stylists: Indenfor & Udenfor.
by victoria comment


perusing the gallery of Indenfor & Udenfor, international antiques dealers and stylists, i came upon this moody, but beautiful, old place. a charming apartment in the center of Copenhagen, denmark in a 18th century building. these images made me feel like i was looking at paintings done by an old world master rather than photography by mikkel strange and i did a little time travel in my head.

• Photos via Antik og Auktion, photographed by Mikkel Strange and styled by Indenfor & Udenfor.

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  1. That wardrobe has some kind of painting on its door. It’s beautiful. Love the mood of the walls. How much do I wish for a kitchen like that. Beautiful. And so simple.

  2. Did you know indenfor & udenfor means inside and outside in Danish? I’m still learning Danish, but my 2 yr old helped me learn those quickly when he wanted to go out to play! :-) Perhaps one day you will come and visit our beautiful city? I am certain that you would be in design heaven plus the Danes are so inspiring!

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