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i covet lighting. much like the chairs i collect, i can never have too many lighting fixtures either. and just recently, MCMF turned me on to these amazing edison light blubs — they’re vintage-inspired and they make lighting things up just that much cooler. here’s some lighting i’m coveting right now.

trampoline has some great vintage light fixtures in stock right now, and i like how they look with just the bare bulbs. anthropologie sells the edison bulbs too. this is how they look unlit, and then all lit up, too. pretty, huh? best made also makes this very rad cloth extension cord. i bought this one in black, and i’m trying to figure out a way to rig just a bare edison bulb to it and hang it. any electrical wizards out there with an idea? love the look of this studio with it’s exposed bulbs. what can i say, i like bare bulbs and i cannot lie.

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  1. Oh gosh, I used to love bare bulbs until I moved to London a year and a half ago. My very first grown-up flat was directly opposite what first looked like a super-cool artist’s studio – there was even an angsty saxophone player living in the flat beneath! It had a bare bulb and newspaper taped to some of the windows instead of curtains and people coming and going at strange hours. It was only a week in that we noticed that the people were shooting up, Trainspotter-style, with belts wrapped tight around their upper arms and all.

    It was all a bit ‘loss of innocence’ but I feel that this lovely post is helping me to reclaim some of the bohemian magic that I used to feel about bare bulbs!

  2. Rigging the extension cord; I have a porch light and I know I can transform it from a light bulb socket to an electoral outlet with a device I got at the hardware store, I wonder if you could change the electrical outlet to a light bulb socket with a similar device. I would love to have a red cloth cover corded light with an Edison light bulb = heaven!

    Gonna ask the electrician friend tonight.

  3. I love all these! I just bought a Edison chandelier for my kitchen from West Elm . I love the bare bulbs with the lamp bases, and the one that it looks like at one time it was an oil lamp. Simple can be so beautiful and these are perfect examples.

  4. you can get them from city lights in soma too. they have some amazing, amazing edison bulbs. thought i’d mention it since you’re in sf too.

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