a misspent life.
by victoria comment


there’s a lovely little book out there entitled, a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life. written by Mary Randolph Carter, this is a design book for those who perhaps prefer a little more cluttered (not messy!) aesthetic. mary randolph carter, or just carter as she is known, is the longtime creative director at ralph lauren. if you love stacks of art books, charming mismatched furniture and the value of an unmade bed (cozy!) then carter’s book a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life is definitely for you. Full of photos, design advice and essays that illustrate how to exalt the beauty of imperfection and to live perfectly while doing so.

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  1. I love my messy mismatch, orange gold carpet home. I’m so comfortable! I’m feeling this book.. In my twenties I bought everything thinking life was about matching everything to the perfect black frame.. Now in my thirties I hang things around those black frames it gives them personality. In my forties I hope I can live in a home paint the walls shades of orange and blue.. I can’t wait to look for this book. Today I’m inspired looking at your fireplace makeover! While I do like red and green and plaid and gold I know why now.. It brings me right home to my southern parents home, and makes me feel like San Francisco is my home.. away from family.

  2. I have adored Mary Randolph Carter for decades. I love her unique vibe, from the clothes she wears to the way she goes junking. I will have to add this book to my collection.

  3. I have this book and LOVE it. Totally my style, though my own house doesn’t look nearly as cool as any of the photos in the book. I have enough junque and collections, but must lack the ability to pull it together ala Carter.

  4. I cracked up when I saw the teddy bear strewn on the hallway floor where art was leaned on chairs… there is no way a kid would run through that hall without breaking something (or himself!) perfectly styled chaos.

    It was fun to look at though – rooms that look like inspiration boards. I am particularly fond of the sofa with the graffiti on it. THAT (assuming none of it comes off on your clothes!) is a very cool piece.

  5. ohhh, its all so lovely! I’d like my house to look just like this sort of style…mainly because I’m a clutter sort of person so it would come quite naturally if I got all the finishing touches right!! But definitely want the book….a must have!!

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