not a hole in the wall.
by victoria comment


i was pretty surprised, and pleasantly so, to check out hole rocker and mad woman courtney love’s rented west village townhome over on xo jane. it’s pretty beautiful, and not at all what i would have expected. not that i expected it to look bad, or for her taste to be off, but i wouldn’t have thought of it to be such an eclectic and lovely mix of some very traditional antiques, some of which did come with the rented apartment. it’s definitely got an edge though, and some artwork to prove it. go on over to xo jane and have a look at the whole smashing tour.

• all photos by peter murdock.

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  1. I have always loved Courtney since she was once videoed live- throwing rocks at Madonna from the street, while Madonna was doing an MTV interview on a balcony. It was hysterical! For some reason I personally don’t feel the whimsy here. It is awesome though. Perhaps some sadness is what I take away from it. Maybe because we know she missed out on raising her daughter. Not sure how much of that I am projecting… Love the picture of her in the entryway and the dresses on the stairwell and the art nouveau hanging lamp. Gorgeous.

  2. woa! i see what you mean Victoria. i personally really love & appreciate it. it’s beautiful. a wee bit moody, but i like it. i would have never come across it on my own. thank you for having such a brilliant eye and sharing. oxo

  3. Holy shit. She is amazing she would be so much fun to visit, thank goodness the world isn’t full of ordinary people. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  4. hmm… the truth is that there are always two sides to every story. i obviously don’t know Courtney Love or her landlord. BUT, from what i have read, ( on the Internet no less) a candle caught a curtain on fire. and i have a feeling, and it’s only a feeling, that because it’s Miss Love, of course it’s being said that she set the place on fire or tried to burn it down.

    this bothers me because if it were another, say, less controversial tenant, it would likely be deemed an unfortunate accident. who knows, just sayin’. and obviously if you’re Courtney Love then controversy just comes with the territory; and she probably has a good attorney.

    her landlord also allegedly claims that Courtney “ruined” the townhome which sounds to me like a matter of opinion rather than a fact. of course, if the lease specified that the decorating could not be altered then i suppose the landlord has a case. by this point, the landlord must know who Courtney Love is, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this type of attention, all be it negative, will only increase the value of the owner’s property in the future.

    yikers! i didn’t mean to hop on a soap box. it’s just my nature to root for the under dog. and in this case i love what i see in Courtney Love’s “home”. and sometimes it’s nice to just appreciate design and art for what it is, which is in my humble opinion oh-so-very magical. oxo

    • it’s good to hear it all, nicole. and in my humble opinion, because i don’t know miss love personally nor do i know the current state of her sobriety – i’m not here to judge. but if you rent to her, you might have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps things might get a little messed up here and there, based on her reputation. so let the renter beware. i think she must have know the risks. and as you said, increased property value.

  5. Definitely NOT a hole in the wall and my color palette dilemma for my bedroom is now solved thanks to these beautiful pics. I was leaning towards gray, white and mustard yellow but now it’s clear I must add a steely blue to the mix.

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