girl crush.
by the jealous curator comment


hello again! so, here we are only a few days from christmas, and i have a cozy, crafty girl crush:

yes! i want to live in dottie angel’s world! she is a diy genius {as is her real-life alter ego, tif fussell}, and i cannot imagine a cozier place to spend the holidays! her house, also known as “mossy shed”, is full of crocheted doilies, floral patterns, paper lanterns, and vintage bits and bobs as far as the eye can see!

oh so dreamy! well, if i can’t actually be at mossy shed for christmas, i can get the next best thing. an inside glimpse of the life of dottie angel through this lovely book – volume 2 in the suitcase series by uppercase gallery:

so pretty, yes?! and now, to send you off for the holidays in true dottie angel style. oh, and ps. i want this gorgeous fireplace. a lot.

love, love, love! and with that, i hope all of you have a wonderful, restful, craft-filled holiday! i’ll see you back here in the new year with more crushes ~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. I want to live there too, but in the hot days of summer. Her abode looks light and airy and full of fresh air. Very comforting.

  2. There is so much goodness on this page that I am getting my creative O face on…the one thing I MUST bring up is how adorable and nostalgic that little wooden dog is in the first picture. Didn’t everyone have one of these? Do kids still play with those. They really are the best.

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