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i covet bar carts. i saw this amazing vintage bar cart on elle interiör, and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. it may have originally been some kind of tacky restaurant serving cart, but now it’s been re-purposed into an industrial chic cart for serving up cocktails in style. just in time for holiday parties!

this bar cart via lonny is a pretty nice one, too. it’s nice to have a few mixers on hand when guests pop in, right. society social has a variety of excellent little bar carts, too. and tradewind tiaras teaches you tricks to make an edible cocktail garnishes. pretty, no? here’s to holiday cocktails! have you got any favorites?

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  1. I love these. I have a couple vintage bar accessories from my grandparents and great grandparents – but I think my kids would tear these carts apart…maybe once their older? But then I’ll be fearing house parties while I’m out ;)

  2. I am thrilled we found ours at a local antique mall for $20. It’s similar the to one featured on Lonny. if you have the taste for absinthe, then you may enjoy a Sazerac. Anything that includes peychaud’s bitters is alright with me! I always enjoy Mount Gay and tonic in the summer.

    Being a Southerner it goes without saying that anything with bourbon is a staple, especially Mint Juleps.

  3. My grandmother Sterra has a fabulous antique barcart in the center of her living room up on the back on one of her sofas. It is always well stocked. She and her friends get together for afternoon cocktails or nightcaps, and routinely drink more than any of my friends do, despite being in their late 80’s. (My grandmother drinks vodka, straight, her cousin Ellie prefers Scotch.) Always inspiring :)

  4. random comment, but I would suggest moving the RSS button to the top navigation by the Twitter Facebook Pinterest tabs. I did find it the second time I looked, but there may be less people subscribing because the navigation requires a tiny bit of effort.

  5. That Bar-cart is awesome. If you find two let me know! It is so sweet with the Chambord on it and all the pictures on the wall behind it! Love it. Happy Thursday before Christmas! I know a couple of gals (know their shop anyway) who are taking carts from the forties, (the plain enamel ones) and papering/collage them with great papers- one with the British flag etc. Their shop is in Diablo Nursery in Lafayette. Can’t think of their shops name though. Cowgirls Dream or something like that.

  6. i loooooove bar carts!
    i’d die for a collection of my own ;) not that i’d know where to keep them all, but still…


    merry christmas and thanks for all you inspiration through your blog!

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