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i let a few people loose with chalk at my new year’s eve party. first time the virginal chalkboard wall has been chalked up. i like it. thanks friends.

• sources: rust-oleum black chalkboard paint; vintage knoll saarinen table; pink eames chairs from modernica; vintage and anthropologie candlesticks; clock from crate & barrel outlet; shanna murray wall decal; brookyn rehab porcelain branch; camilla engman print from sebastian foster; oh darling, let’s be adventurers by fife du vie.

26 responses to “aftermath.”

  1. A friend in college had a wall where everyone could write on it. It was so fun to read funny comments and remember what they were from. I’m definitely painting a wall with chalkboard paint in my next apartment.

  2. This is a great way to document the morning after. I love these photos. I have chalkboard stickers on two cupboards and I find there just isn’t enough room!

  3. i’ve wanted a chalkboard wall for so long and now i think i may dive in and do it! love the shanna murray decal and the way you dressed it up with a clock and such.

  4. We have black walls in our guest bathroom (not chalkboard paint) and had a little mishap with it last Halloween when our friends drew all over it with chalk. It was my fault, I left a piece of chalk laying around. It took a good 3 washes to get off all the party graffiti. Totally worth it though cause the photos were hilarious.

  5. That is the best way to remember a fabulous New Year’s Eve and the great people you shared it with! Could be a little risky too but looks like your friends held it together…at least from what we see ;) Happy New Year!

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