new year. new look.
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what would a new year be without me going all kooky and changing my rooms around? i swapped the living and dining rooms around again. yes, again. i was having the claustrophobic feeling that the room was just too scrunchy, so here we go again. i like to take all my stuff, mix it up and use it in new ways, giving the rooms a whole new personality. mostly the same old stuff, just re-purposed for a new look. i think i’ll leave it this way. ha! surely, i jest. that would be so boring, right?!?

some sources for you: modern floral pillows are from skinny laminx. up mountain print is from fine little day. i got the pouf and the sari blanket from (disclaimer: i get a $25 credit for anyone that signs up from my link and makes a purchase – but it’s an awesome site. one of the very few discount sites i actually find stuff i want to buy. and when you refer friends and they shop, you earn credits, too). flokati rug is from MCMF, and the knoll saarenin table is a vintage ebay find. industrial lamp is vintage.

the little black settee is from urban outfitters. the white rar eames rocker is from velocity art & design. the knoll saarinen side table is vintage from mcmf. the throw quilt is from secret holiday and the swiss cross pillow is from enhabiten. the striped pillow is a flea market find from euro-linens.

these prints are from artist Rikkianne Van Kirk’s shop you sentimental idiot. i love her work and have several pieces. the mattress ticking striped pillows are from belrossa home.

the sheepskins are from black sheep white light. the industrial cart below is vintage from the frame was a lovely gift from the 10 cent designer, and the print is by Rikkianne Van Kirk.

i have a LOT of books. lots. this book of marilyn monroe’s last sitting by bert stern is a favorite flea market find. i added wheels to my ikea expedit bookshelf for more mobility (it weighs like two tons).

the sea & the cake print is by sonnenzimmer. the house painting is by danielle krysa (aka the jealous curator). the convex mirror is from west elm, another print by Rikkianne Van Kirk, and santa barbara is by photographer liz kuball at 20×200. cord lamp is by brendan ravenhill, also from

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  1. I’m in love with your style! It looks lived in but still neat and tidy with such interesting pieces. Love the pieces on the walls, especially the mountain one.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tour! I’ve been wanting to shoot some photos of my office but the lighting in my apartment is horrid. What kind of lighting did you use and do you have any recommendations for anything I can buy to help my photos turn out better in regards to lighting?

  3. Looks fantastic, Victoria! I love moving things around and wish my house layout allowed for a few more options. Love seeing the difference simply shuffling things around can make…your place looks so fresh and inviting!

  4. Are you going to post pics of the dining room, too? Or maybe you did, and I missed it? I’d love to see pics of your kitchen, too.

  5. Victoria, love the living room simply adore the way you have styled it especially love your black dresser. Question did you paint it black yourself and and what is the finish on it , it looks shinny. I just love vintage furniture thats been painted black I’m thinking about painting a similar dresser I have black. Also that rug is too cool!!!!

  6. I’m not a big fan of pink, but seeing accents of pink in your interior makes me reconsider. It looks so bright and happy, an especially pretty way to cheer up the indoors during the gloom of winter.

    Lovely rearrabge, well done!

  7. Love your fireplace, so grand, wish I had one:-) And I really like the way you store and expose your books, very inspiring. Cheers from Munich, Igor xoxo

  8. Happy New Year Victoria! Your home looks beautiful. I adore your use of pink and black and lots of white. I’m not usually a fan of mixing patterns, but I think your use of patterns is the most skillful I’ve ever seen! I love all the throws and fur and the ottoman! Your home looks cozy and simple all at the same time. I adore it!

  9. Happy New Year and more of it! …. I have a question…Where do you find lights like you have in the very last picture? The one attached to the wall with just the bare bulb. I love those and don’t have a clue where to look for them. Thank you! …and Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  10. I love your living room! such great pieces, colors and design- I am obsessed with white design and this is a great example – happy new year!!

  11. It’s beautiful – but I’d expect nothing less! There’s nothing quite like a new look for a new year. Enjoy the newness of the space – happy new year!

  12. so beautiful victoria. cozy yet simple all at the same time… maybe you can come and help me decorate when we move this summer! ; )
    ps. thank you so much for the mention about my little house! xo

  13. Victoria I adore your mix, the textures and color palette. A great way to start a fresh 2012!!

    I am off to check some of your links!

    Happy New Years!

    I hope you will come to enter my Giveaway from Serena & Lily!

    Art by Karena

  14. It looks so gorgeous. I love the chairs and floral pillow. What a brilliant idea to add wheels to your expedit! Your neat and tidy book shelves and stacks are making me think of how much I need to clean up my books!

  15. Everything looks so cheery and mod, love it. I love the pink, it has such a nice way of moving your eyes around the room. Just the inspiration I need to move things around at my house. Love the Brene Brown video, it really hit home.

  16. The problem with a nickname like Jules is that there are so many of us! :) Victoria, I know you have Lucy…do you have to wash your slipcover often, and do you have a problem with the white slipcover in the washer/dryer? I had one once that I would wash/dry and it ended up coming apart. Granted, it may have been dry clean only (ahem) but now I’m reticent to by another slipcover sofa, especially a white one! I ask because I have two ancient, sofa-hogging beagles I need to think about.

    • nope, jules – i’ve had this sofa from room & board for over five years now, and although lucy has added a few spots i can’t get out, they come quite clean in the washer. they told me the trick is to not dry them completely, and put them on slightly damp so they form fit back quite nicely.

      • Aha! That’s what I need. A washable slipcover. I don’t mind a few spots here and there–it’s a home, not a museum–the pups are worth it. Thanks for the reply! :)

  17. SO beautiful, Victoria!
    I am now coveting your pink and black sari quilt and will probably obsess about finding something similar. It’s gorgeous!

  18. Hi victoria! Can you provide the source of the mounted lamp with the exposed bulb. I thought I had seen it on but can’t remember the name???

    Great tour!

  19. love it!
    could you tell where you found such a long pendant cord and what you hung it on (it doesnt look hard wired) i’m having the hardest time finding a long cord and a decent hook for my tord garland.

      • thanks you! i’m in la, but i will call them see if they can ship! also, what did you use to hang it? the hooks i’ve seen are all ugly!

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