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well, kids. we’re officially back. i was almost back yesterday because i never got the memo (ahem!) that it was a holiday. i must terminate someone immediately. oh wait, that would be me. i should keep up on these things a bit better. alas, i digress. blame it on the holiday fog surrounding the hemisphere of my head. but i feel like i need to say something. say the quiet thoughts loud, with the hope that saying them out loud to you the readers, may perhaps give me the gumption to actually follow said resolutions. so, without further ado:

• do the crazy untried and true stuff. like paint your house polka dotted (via life magazine). ask “why not?” much more often.

• live wholeheartedly and with Vulnerability and a lack of fear. fear holds me back. i don’t want to be held back from the things that are important to me because i’m afraid. i saw this ted talk with brene brown and thought it was magical.

• find connection with creative people that inspire and encourage me. collaborate with them on amazing projects. hang out, be social. let people in.

• ride my bike more. be outside instead of inside on the computer so much. you can’t make your computer do cool things for you, if you don’t know what wonderful things are out there to share.

• loads of little stuff that doesn’t matter here. if i do these larger things, the smaller stuff should fall into place.

• all in all, just take a little bit better care of me. feed myself whole meals, not ones i stand in front of the fridge to eat. take time to enjoy what i do have, and work harder at accumulating less. i don’t think i need all this stuff.

that’s where i’m gonna start.

what are you gonna do?

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  1. Love the polka dot house!

    Your site brightened my day this morning! I have two resolutions for 2012:
    1. Take better care of myself.
    2. Be more creative and seek out creative people.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Cool House. I wonder what the motive was for dots!.. Thanks for turning me onto Brene Brown. I love the idea: to have the courage to be imperfect! I have a job interview today and that bit of wisdom I will carry in my handbag! I always pray on collaboration. It is the one thing that I miss in my life, and hope to have more of it in 2012. I hope the same happens for you!

  3. What a wonderful post and what a powerful TED talk. Brene Brown offers us so much beautiful advice and it’s so very, very true. My biggest, craziest resolution is to start a farm on my sonoma property and shout it out there in blogland. All my mistakes will be there for people to learn from. I wish you a wonderful year of vulnerability!

  4. the new year threw me out of bed yesterday for a full day of work at the computer, but i’m more relaxed just reading your words. and yes, that ted talk is just great.
    here are my resolutions:
    1. feed the beast — the creative beast within that demands to consume new stuff, see new things, meet new people, collaborate on new projects. to do that, i have to leave the safety of the computer screen, where i seem to have krazy-glued my eyes.
    2. feed me — no more staring into the bright light of an open refrigerator door, eating rice krispies. again.
    3. have more fun (although i do have fun)
    4. get better glasses
    5. get a better haircut
    6. go to bed on time. the doctors are right — you can’t really function on a month of 3 hour nights.
    i guess that covers it. have a great new year. i love your blog.

  5. I read a really great article in the New York Times this weekend and the joy of quiet time. I’d like to partake in this quiet time more often and to be more present in the moment…go on more walks, ride my bike, hike, read…and carve out time that’s not in front of my computer. Hope to meet you at Alt Summit, too!

  6. Love the polka dot house! Those are some great resolutions. I plan to put myself out there more, meet new people, really connect, and see what can be learned. Happy New Year!

  7. I adopted “Why not?” as my life mantra two years ago — it’s one of the best things you can do! I’ve grown so much and done so many amazing things since then, truly. I even went sky diving last year! The power of “Why not”? is astounding. Go for it, V!

  8. Great list and I think this is a great way to start the year off. I loved the TED talk, by the way (thanks for the tip). I find it hard to reach out to people when I work solo. Wanna make something? Happy New Year! xo

  9. My main resolution (cribbed from the Happiness Project) is to “be Sandra”. What does that mean for me? Well, primarily it means finding a community locally and on the internets of creative people. And also living an inspired, creative life. Fewer “shoulds” and more saying “yes”.

  10. Thank you for posting the TED talk! It was the perfect thing for me this morning as I’m reflecting on what 2012 will be.

    And the polka dot house- Love! (who wouldn’t secretly desire to do that!)

  11. This is great, Victoria. I’m encouraging myself to meet up with people in the real world more too. I spend a lot of time on my computer and “talking” to people on Twitter, but I need to get out! It’s hard to make myself do that when I’d rather just hang out in my pjs. :)

    I also want to continue to work hard, but give myself a break. I am my worst critic and it’s really easy for me to slip into, “I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing it fast enough. It’s not good enough,” thought process. As my husband says, “Your boss sucks sometimes.” I also want to cross some items off my Mighty Life List – I’d love to go visit my friend in Hamburg in December and visit the Christmas markets!

    Here’s the rest of my list, if you’re interested. See you at Alt in a couple of weeks! xo

  12. One of my resolutions is to read more posts/blogs like that that inspire me and keep me connected to the creative world. Too often I say I don’t have time and skip even my favorite blogs but I forget how much better they make me feel.

    • margaret – it’s such a small world. there’s a CD here right now doing a google shoot named Jason, who’s girlfriend Becky works with you, i think. sound familiar? :)

  13. Amazing! The Brene Brown piece on vulnerability was so insightful, and my gosh funny. So incredibly true about masking ones feeling…in order to not be stripped bare and vulnerable.

    I have spent too much of my life being fearful of things that I should be afraid of! I blogged a little bit too, about what will make 2012 more awesome. My main goal is to be my true self, not who I think I should be.

  14. I’m focusing this year on eating more veggies (especially raw), getting out to see more live music, and taking classes that will help me with growing my jewelry business. Oh, and laughing more! :)

  15. So perfectly said, and I love the one about fear, huge stumbling block to living a full life, and I think about it and overcoming all the little and big ones that I either make up, or are real on a daily basis. Great post.
    Happy New Year, Victoria. Hope you have a wonderful year.

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