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happy new year! i hope you had an amazing holiday! i had a lovely break, and i even had time to put together a little life list – and at the very top – writing for these guys. sigh. frankie magazine. do you know it? well, if you don’t, you should! it’s a beautiful bi-monthly art + lifestyle magazine from australia. this was the first issue i ever held in my hot little hands:

and then i got these:

and a few more after that! so pretty! it didn’t take long before i was addicted to tracking down the next issue. it can be tricky to find on this side of the ocean, but’s it’s worth it! (of course, you can always order it online). issue after issue i am blown away by the beautiful photography, quirky articles, and the fabulous combination of fashion, music, art and craft. somehow they make all of it work together seamlessly:

see? sock pets, swimsuits and caravans all existing happily together! and with modern, yet vintage, spreads like this (all about brooches & pins, from issue 33) how can i not have a girl crush on frankie!

gah! love!!! the other very crush-worthy thing about frankie, is that they do an artist feature (often several pages long) in every issue. i’m pretty sure that frankie and i could be bff’s because we write about the same people all the time. here are a few of my favorites (yep, it’s three girl crushes within a girl crush!):

(rachel bone; jenny hart; aris moore –  note, this is some of aris’ older work, that would be similar to what frankie featured. since then she has been knee-deep in an mfa and her work has evolved quite a bit. you can see her new work here.)

so, that’s my magazine girl crush for you! find a copy of frankie as soon as you can – trust me, you will love it! ~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. i own ONE issue of frankie and i love it. i accidentally found it at barnes n noble a few years ago. i continue to stalk BN today, but haven’t had the same luck. everything about the mag is great and i’ve been really tempted to buy a subscription. however, the shipping costs keep my from making that commitment!

  2. Yes. I discovered Frankie during my honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia. I fell in love. And then my husband bought be a subscription for Christmas! I’m obsessed and love reading it from cover to cover.

  3. I think Frankie’s secret to awesomeness is the editor – Jo Walker. She’s flown under the radar in Australia but is one of the most talented mag editors going round. I don’t know exactly how old she is, but definitely under 35. Pretty cool.

  4. I’m a fortunate NZ lass who has been reading and coveting Frankie for many years now. My favourite thing about it – it has grown older with me. Many magazines seem to stick to one age bracket but Frankie seems to have aged naturally. Perfect.

  5. Oh you have summed this beautiful magazine up perfectly! I adore this publication, i fell in love on a visit to Australia and now i have to get it ordered in to the UK because i couldn’t possibly live without it! I share your girl crush!
    You have a wonderful blog :)

    Stacie xo
    Curious Damsel

  6. Frankie is my favourite magazine. Do you remember that quote from Carrie on Sex and the City when she talks about reading Vogue and it feeding her? This is how I feel about Frankie!

  7. Frankie is the best, but I have been wondering for a while is there
    a US mag equivalent, something with funky urban art and design with some
    vintage love. Sometimes 2 months is too long to wait for the next issue!

  8. I’m so pleased that you’ve discovered Frankie – here in Melbourne, Aus we’re so very proud of this beautiful stylish magazine because it reflects what’s happening here in the city we love – and the amazing things creative people all over the world are doing

  9. I love Frankie magazine! I somehow stumbled upon one issue of it and I am obsessed. I’ve been trying to track down other issues, but in the meantime am a regular stalker of the website! Just out of curiosity, which issue are the swimsuit pages from?

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