wallpaper wanted.
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now that i’ve gone and swamped the dining and living rooms again, the dining room is looking a little, well…blah. i painted over the black walls in there, so it needs some drama – some oomph! i quite like this Etched Arcadia Mural from anthropologie. since i’m just a renter, i’d probably just hang it up with some black & white striped japanese washi tape, not actually adhere it to the wall. i like these blooming filigree mural panels below, too. hmmmm, wallpaper is definitely wanted.

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  1. Cool. I think the Woods in Coral is stunning from Anthropologie. I could see a wall or a hallway in your place in that motif.. (from what I have seen of your gorgeous place!)..

  2. just put up one of Designers Guild’s Zepherine wallpapers in my downstairs loo and wondering where else to wallpaper now. Will be moving bedrooms shortly so will be picking out a wallpaper for our new bedroom. I’m liking those mural panels in your second picture.

  3. There are ways to install wallpaper temporarily, but it can be a bit delicate. Or you can have a custom mural done on canvas, which can be installed in a reversible manner, and take it with you when you move! I just did a grisaille scenic wallpaper mural and the clients plan to move it in 5 years or so.

  4. Victoria,
    Happy New Year!
    I love the wall paper inspiration you’ve shared today. Have you ever tried PosteRazor? It’s an application that’s available for free download online. I frequently use it for art projects—it allows you to enlarge an image to poster size (as big as you want, really) and print in sections on your printer. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate a wall, even temporarily (especially if you use a water-soluble glue.)

  5. my husband and i swapped the living and dining room over the weekend too! I loved our new living room but my husband did not like the bare look in the new dining room so……we swapped it all back :( I was so bummed that he said we’d revisit the swap in a few months once we save more money to fill the new dining room space :)

  6. the mural from anthropologie makes me SWOON!
    Looks like an old book illustration.
    I hope you get it! Would love to see it in your house
    { your new sitting room looks delicious btw }

  7. The wallpaper you find in the header on my blog is actually just put up with some very thin tape which is sticky on both sides – it works very well and I found it in a bookstore. I got the idea when I made a photoshoot one day, in a room where we should make five different living rooms in two days, and when we left, the room should look like we had never been there.

  8. These are so cool. Still sounds weird to me, that American renters are not allowed to wallpaper. But why not putting up plain white removable wallpaper and have someone (an arts student?) doing an actual mural?

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