into orbit.
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i have finally, finally hung my patrick townsend white orbit chandelier. i’ve only had this collecting dust in my garage for, oh, a year or so. i loved this pendant lamp at first site when i saw it hanging in the curiosity shoppe — but for some reason i just couldn’t pull the trigger on whether i should hard wire it to the ceiling, or hang it with the cord it came with.

i went with hard wire, and i added a faux ceiling medallion to add a little vintage contrast to the modern fixture. the orbit comes in black, too, and makes a pretty striking statement. you can find them at areaware. townsend design makes some other pretty fabulous lighting fixtures, too — like the awesome string lamp. here’s a peek at a few other looks.

the lovely artist ashley g has one in her dining room, too!

this orbit is via kristi steffen creative blog.

fair folks and a goat b&b in new orleans has one hanging, via designtripper.

and i had to add one more i almost forgot about — Josh and Helen’s place via dwell.

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  1. I’ve been eying this lamp for a while, since I’ll finally be moving into a house where I can change lighting fixtures. I like it’s quirky style, but am still thinking about going for a vintage fixture. Howeverrrrr… you posting about this light just confirms my love for it, because I usually enjoy the same style of interiors as you. Ah! Well, I’m glad you have finally installed yours. You’ll have to let us know how it works for you the more you live with it.

  2. wow! what an impact this baby makes in your dining room! bravo on pairing it with the faux ceiling medallion, it pulls the whole look together in your home. it all looks smashing, love it! you are so funny that it’s taken all of this time for you to drag this bad boy out :) well worth the wait i’d say. you are just so talented darling! oxo

  3. Yowzer. Very cool. How many fireplaces can one girl have as well!?? When is your next shop appearance? Would love to meet you.

    • thanks cathy jean! this is a faux fireplace mantel. i got it at ohmega salvage in berkeley. it’s bolted to the wall, and i just move it around with me.

      no shop appearance’s scheduled right now, but will announce them here if something comes up. :)

      • Look forward to it! I just recently met the owner of Omega Salvage 2. She is really nice. Another cool place for fixtures of the lighting sort!.. I’m going to look for a faux mantle. They are really cool and timeless.

  4. Eeeeh!! I am so happy yours is up! It of course looks perfect in your space. And the only reason I have mine is from seeing it on your blog and falling in love!

  5. oh i LOVE it! The contrast with the ceiling medallion makes all the difference – great move. Can’t believe it was tucked away for over a year….you must reeaalllyyy be enjoying it now!

  6. so gorgeous!! I love the combination of the ceiling medalion and modern lamp! you have a great sense of style! thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love all t hings modern, but these may blind me into next year! I like soft low lighting, and wonder are these intense on the energy bill? Wow, that is a lot of light bulbs! :)

    • they’re actually quite soft – less the 10 watts each, and on a dimmer. i also really only use it when guests come over, not every day, so hopefully, not too intense a bill. :)

  8. I’ve been thinking of getting this light but became hesitant when I read it was a “plug in”. It looks like you (and some others) have hard wired it. Can I ask, did you hire an electrician to do this, change out your light box in the ceiling for a plug box, or did you rewire it yourself?

    Thanks :)

    • hi kim,
      i did have an electrician come. he charged me $60 to hardware it to the existing wires that were there from the previous fixture. i’m afraid of electricity, but it did look pretty simple, so i think it could be done by yourself.

      good luck!

  9. I love this lamp so much and just came across yours while doing an image search. Im thinking of putting in over my kitchen table, just wondering how bright it is. I really need to light the whole room sometimes!

  10. I purchased this lamp and am about to install it above our dining table, but am realizing we’re missing the round piece that hides the connection to the ceiling. May I ask where you purchased yours?

    • I got mine at Lowe’s and you can usually find them at any hardware store – and online as well. Just do a search for ‘ceiling medallion’ and there should be lots! Good luck. :)

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