precious gems.
by victoria comment


there’s nothing like the elegance of some subtle jewel tones to create a sultry and feminine mood, like these pretty rooms above and just below from rue. the shades of precious gems like lavender, plum, and even purple — the official royal color — mixed with pale gold, create a lovely color combination when used together in modern, unexpected ways. i went a little hunt to show you what i mean.

dramatically eclectic bedroom styled by stella nicolaisen, via sarah kaye represents.

mauve modern room, via gubi; pretty wallpaper and ceramic collection via
polly wreford; and morgan’s beautiful bedroom from the brick house.

melanie ireland’s exotic looking, but simple bedroom via milk magazine; a pretty gold cabinet from rue; and one of my favorite childhood tv shows the man from u.n.c.l.e. – a turkish version poster from eye sea posters.

lile sadi wallpaper via simply grove; baby ramen; and more glorious prints from Studio Lile sadi.

love this pretty pink vulcano print from rk shop; vanessa bruno’s dining room via guillaume de laubier photography; lovely lounge chair via lonny.

21 responses to “precious gems.”

  1. LOVE the pendant trio by the bed. (In such an amazing room!)
    I’ve always wanted that–low bedside pendants dropped from high ceilings. Verticals framing the headboard and open space at the tabletop… Outside chance of earthquakes stopped me. Am I just a big chicken?

  2. my favorite color combinations! with hints of gold, i loooove. you’ve found some lovely photo inspirations here. i especially adore the photo of the tufted headboard with the gold pendants. i’ve had that one marked for a wee bit too. it truly draws you in and makes you want to hang out in that room. beauty at it’s best! oxo

  3. We are living through a very cool design period. I am so excited when I see all this mixing and matching of different pieces together. This very cool marriage/melange of era’s meeting , never would have been done 20 years ago.

  4. A quilt that looks sexy? What? I can’t believe it! But it definitely does. I love the gold & black together! The hint of chartreuse just makes it perrrrrrfect.

  5. I love the toord boontje garland, a friend had one in college in her dorm room. She magically got this little garret attic room in one of the really old dorms with an exposed lightbulb in the center. A far cry from the triple that i shared that year!

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