breakfast club.
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i’ve been wishing hard for a new kitchen lately. a bright, light pretty place to eat my breakfast each morning, like this one from light locations. i like my kitchen all right, but the 1930’s yellow and burgandy tiles really put a damper on how i can decorate it. i long for fresh crisp white subway tiles and open shelving…perhaps cabinets with glass doors so you can peek in and see my dishware collection. fun black & white checkered floors, and accents too. anyway, a girl can only hope. here’s maybe what i’d do…

i have loved this little checkerboard tray forever, via rue magazine — i think you can find them at fog linen; a large black vintage sideboard could be striking with all that white; i’d love a little nook to sit with my laptop like lucy chadwick’s via the selby; and a sweet side table via light locations; lovely ceramic cups via le dans la; and chemex coffee is the only way to go if you’ve got the time, via design*sponge.

this turned foot dining room cabinet from west elm is quite nice for displaying all your pretty dishes, too.

one very sweet nook via family living. love the black & white striped cushions.

a beautiful norwegian kitchen photographed by Mary Beth Koeth, via desire to inspire.

i think i need this bon jour print to greet me each morning, too — from edu’s etsy shop.

two very lovely little kitchens from light locations; these vintage cups from oh leander are super cute for my morning coffee; and man, on man i want this piawallén cross tray to serve coffee on.

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  1. i love the thought of a white kitchen but I love the feel of a kitchen with warm color.
    It just feels cozy and like home.
    If I have to be in my kitchen, i hate to cook, then I want to feel warm and inviting. :)

  2. Oh, I love that antique armoire so much… and the more modern looking one with the turned legs is also divine. We need to build some kind of banquette seating in out kitchen (we’ve only been wanting to do this for about 8 years…) and I do believe Ikea cabinet boxes will be my huckleberry in the end. With an ultra-fab upholstered seating pad and cushions, of course. *swoons*

    I love dreaming. I love your dreams in this space too, lady. Nice finds!!

  3. I love the white, tan and black! There is SO much you can do with those colors. Haha, don’t wish for a new kitchen too hard… I did and I’ve been kitchen-less since October while my husband is working on it. It will be gorgeous when it’s done, but the in between stages suck!

  4. I’ve been dreaming of a fresh new kitchen too! Mine’s not terrible but it doesn’t have a lot of personality or space for more than 1.5 people to move comfortably! Yet it seems to be where all 3 of my children love to hang out with me…squish! Love all of your inspiration pics :)

  5. I love the second kitchen from the bottom. I love when kitchens are made of separate pieces-why does every cabinet need to match? Why does everything have to fit under one counter? I’m an architect, I understand function, but still…..!

    I was mildly disappointed after seeing the content of this post…I thought you might’ve been starting an actual breakfast club! :)

  6. I can visualize your dream kitchen–the white’s, blacks, & hints of pink seem very fitting! I would like something bright, as well–only with yellow & white. I love the black & white checkered idea–makes it feel more welcoming & cozy! Maybe one day it will be yours!

  7. Thanks so much for linking my shop Victoria! It was really sweet of you :)

    Unfortunately, those little cappuccino cups have sold since, but there will be more vintage flash listings to come in the near future! Anyways, thanks again!


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