let’s save some whales.
by victoria comment


if you know anything about me, you may know i grew up in southern california, heading to the beach every second i could. it’s where i find calm. so when i found out Hub Strategy, a San Francisco-based creative agency, had partnered with The Utility Collective to design their first-ever consumer product to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society i was happy to tell you about it. the collaboration has produced ready-to-hang artwork printed on 12-inch x 18-inch maple veneer wood panels and is being sold at The Utility Collective. Ten dollars from the sale of each piece is directly donated to Sea Shepherd to help protect our precious sea creatures.

Sea Shepherd is best-known for their aggressive protection of whales and dolphins from illegal whalers, and is featured in the Animal Planet series whale wars. This collaborative project, from Hub Strategy and Utility Collective, reflects this protection of defending the defenseless. so go save a whale, or a shark, or…

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