if you can read this, thank your teachers.
by victoria comment


i am all for literacy. in fact, i might be able to support the book industry all on my own. it’s a little out of hand, really. i don’t just buy one book at a bookshop, oh no — i rarely leave without at least three. it’s a bit of an addiction, but one i’m prepared to live with. and i have no shame about it. books are beautiful, books, i think are forever. i have an ipad, but i don’t read books on it. and i’ve heard all the arguments for it, and i understand them. but i still love a hard (or soft) cover book in my hands. i like the tactile feel of it. and i like decorating with books, too. i think they’re interesting and tell a lot about a person. one of the first things i do when invited to someone’s home, is check out there bookshelves. here’s to books!

love the prints and collections stacked up and displayed with bookcase brimming over, via lonny (above and below).

wonderfully simple enclosed glass bookcases i would die for, via hus & hem.

the ultimate goal. the day i have a ladder to my libary, is the day i’m a happy girl.

i find this such a clever use of space and a wonderful idea for storing night time reading, via AMM blog from lieblings weerke.

love this warm and inviting reading room via freunde von freunden; and this home office below with it’s stacks of books against the wall, via rum magazine (below).

i like this idea of utilizing an unusual nook to create a little library, via stadshem.

i’ll bet there’s a lot of good conversation about books at this dining table, via hemnet; just perfectly stacked, on this mid-century modern credenza via femina; and i love this colorful stack on a vintage chair, via emersonmade.

lovely gray built-in bookcases; and this is really pretty too, all that light flooding in over the books, via vtwonen.

• top image alison worman via art hound.

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  1. Thank you for the post! At least there are two people in SF that have the same kind of passion about books haha! I have a kindle, ipad, pretty much every e reader, but I still always find a soft book in my hands. To read a book is one thing, but to experience it is another.
    Have a good one!

  2. I was having a pretty crummy day until I saw this! Although any written word anywhere can make my mind wander, physical paper books really reach me in a way screens don’t.

  3. Beautiful home library inspirations! I have a little roof top apartment with a slanting roof thus I chose a white book shelf with a slanting side to accentuate the room’s architectural peculiarity. Additional to this, I am stacking books and magazines on the floor and in baskets:-)

  4. oh this is just what I needed this morning,
    I am currently looking for great bookshelf ideas for a nook in my living area.
    I had my heart set on some but alas they won’t fit :(
    And I am with you, nothing beats a real book in my hands.
    I used to work in a library and was so sad when everything started revolving around computers and pads even in the library. No one came in to checkout books, it was all discs and downloads. SHAME.

  5. Love this concept of stacking framed pictures on top of a bookshelf as well! I plan to incorporate it into my new home office! Would love it if you could check out my latest post and tell me what you think of it! Follow me, I follow you!?


  6. Yes! Books in their infinite variety of covers, sizes, age, type fonts and paper stocks are just fabulous. And then there’s the content! Stories! And sometimes pictures! How could anyone not love books? I volunteer at a Friends of the Library bookstore and it is amazing how people are giving their books away because they now have iPads. So not the same.

  7. i love books too, i can’t help buying one that i really want even if i know i don’t have time to read it yet! these photos are gorgeous, i’d love to have a whole room devoted to books like my own mini library, and a ladder is definitely a must! :)

  8. I have a ton of books too….

    We have given at least 10 boxes full of books to goodwill over the last 3 years…textbooks, novels that would only get read once, miscellaneous hardcovers… it was difficult to let go, but I think at least 3-4 boxes of books we love have found their way into our lives after making some space!

  9. i love digital and the “real” stuff alike. just give me the written word and i am in heaven. love the shelves above…books are beautiful.

  10. I love this post! Exactly how I feel. There is nothing better than curling up in bed when its raining and reading a good book, Thank you for posting!

  11. I think that part of my job as an English teacher is due to the fact that it’s another reason for me to spend time in book stores, buying and reading books. I love to stock my shelves and to be able to pull the perfect book for a student. Most of my 8th graders hate to read, but sometimes all it takes is one great book. Luckily, I have shelves at home an at work…

  12. The irony can’t be missed on everyone that we’re reading this in cyberspace on our desktops, laptops, smartphones or electronic readers (iPads, Kindle Fires, etc.) – I think the important thing I am hearing here is that we all love tor read!

  13. Oh I couldn’t agree more! I just got a stack of 8 books I ordered from the UK and I couldn’t have been more giddy—it was better than Christmas morning! I love the smell, feel and beauty of books and, having three kids, I believe in the importance of growing up in a home filled with books. I often find my two-year-old sitting in front of the bookshelves looking through my books pretending to read. Thank you for an awesome post!!

  14. What a great post. I love collecting books and using them as artwork. I have a weakness for cookbooks even if I dont use them for cooking! Love your blog.


  15. So pleased to see this post! Last night I was struggling to display my books and in need of some inspiration – and here it is! Books mixed in with ornaments and art is my favourite. Thank you some beautiful ideas xx

  16. I share your passion for books. My husband has been using Sony readers for several years and trying to convince me stop buying books too. Unsuccessful! I have to have real books around me. I am very “green” in all other areas but can’t give up this weakness.

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