girl crush.
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happy wednesday everyone! so, i’m about to catch a plane on my way to alt summit, but before i go, i have some news – news that is actually thanks to a whole bunch of you! in september i wrote a girl crush post about american artist alyson fox, and i made a joke about hosting a ‘girl crush tea party’ using her beautifully illustrated line of dishware. it really was just me trying to be witty,  but i ended up getting zillions of emails from people saying that they’d love to go to a girl crush tea party – so guess what!? it’s happening:

yay! so exciting! a day of inspiration, art, and tiny cakes hosted by some ridiculously amazing women artists. seriously, you will not believe who our hosts for the first four workshops are:

yep, i have a girl crush on all of them! i sure hope you can come – it’s going to be so much fun! for all of the in’s and out’s, click here! ok, i’m off to salt lake city (where i’ll have the pleasure of speaking on a panel with the lovely victoria smith!) see you back here in two weeks, perhaps with a new series underway! ~ the jealous curator xo

ps. thanks so much to victoria for allowing me to use the main image above. it’s from her photo shoot at lisa congdon’s studio. it was just so perfect, seeing how we’ll actually get to be in lisa’s studio on march 10th!

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  1. You are going to have so much fun. What an amazing bunch of artists. All so wonderfully good! Alison and Lisa look like they could be sisters! Have fun! And thank you for yesterday. I wouldn’t have felt the importance of this potential threat of censorship on the internet. Going away for a day sent a positive message.

  2. yay! i’m so glad you guys are excited about this!
    yes, we can do LA… if there are enough interested people i can go anywhere! i lined up these 4 as a kick off, but i’m hoping this ends up being all over the world!

  3. I would attend in SF if only my family wasn’t arriving for a visit on the 10th! Eeek! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Please share the takeaways on motivation!

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