vintage finds for a modern world: beach pad.
by victoria comment


i love this image by ben roberts, and it got me thinking about what it might be like to live down by the shore. own a little beach pad and decorate it with a mix of rustic and vintage-modern pieces and keep it on the kitschy side, just for fun.

how amazing would it to be to have some dining room chairs by artist leslie oschmann?

i like the idea of having amazing barn doors like this, with a green chalkboard wall via Cottage Living Idea House.

i’d like to keep things nice and light with a modern twist, like this image via femina.

i think i’ll have some vintage-inspired graham & brown retro patterned wallpaper in the bedroom to cozy it up a bit; and a rustic bedroom door via country living. i’ll hang caitlin holcomb’s forever banner above my bedroom dresser.

i think a vintage scalloped end table like this one via would fit right in; and these woodstock storage bins from are fun; and i will most definitely need at least one or two Herman Miller Eames DAR Molded Plastic Armchairs in aqua!

chris & kenny’s backyard via apartment therapy.

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  1. We had a ton of those sliding doors in my loft building. Some people kept theirs in the units and a TON were just thrown out. Freinds in the hood we’re grabbing them left and right! Our unit alas has none, BUT this may be a good thing – in the end we learned that beautiful worn paint patina – lead! We still have them, but they needed to be repainted to “encase” the lead.

  2. I really enjoy these “what if” posts of yours. Your imaginary beach house is really beautiful. I love the greenish colors and painterly feel of things. I especially liked the Roman plaster busts on top of the kitchen cupboards.

  3. thanks for the feature and link back. i shouldn’t really take full credit for this photograph – okay i was there are the right time, with good light and and photographers eye; but let’s face it, what would this image be without the amazing mural?

    when i returned from this assignment i did some research to try and find out who the artist was; i struggled, but then i had an idea – i zoomed in on the hi-res scan of the photograph and found the guys signature; one google search later and there he was – Dominique Antony.

    You can see more about how the mural came to fruition on his website:

    I emailed him with my image and asked for his address so that I could send him a print, but alas I never heard back. It’s crazy how this photograph has spread itself around the web; i think it’s been reblogged around 100,000 times on tumblr. now if only i could somehow turn that into $$$….,

    cheers, Ben

  4. I love the turquoise, teal-sea foam green you found throughout the post, especially with the weathered wood of the old door. Have a fun weekend!

  5. ah! thank you again, victoria! first you paired 1 of my banners with other lovely pink items, now you’ve taken another banner and paired it with my most favorite spot in the world, the beach. and ohhh to be able to have a beach house. maybe one day! you know just what my banners need by their side! ;) thanks so much!

  6. Hey ! it’s amazing to see here a photo from the place where I live, Hossegor ( first one from Ben Roberts ) ! Your blog is really a daily inspiration for me.
    fanny, a french girl.

  7. Everything about this post is incredibly beautiful. I love the blue tones and the shabby chic vibe. I really want that vintage scalloped end table- it’s such a great mix of feminine and vintage bohemian. I’ve been coveting Herman Miller Eames DAR Molded Plastic Armchairs for a looong time now. The aqua is beautiful, but I really want pink!

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