so…what’s alt summit really like?
by victoria comment


i’m back from the alt summit blogging conference in salt lake city, and honestly, i’m still trying to process what i learned and just how awesome it all was. i think this photo kind of exemplifies the calm before the storm, because this year at alt summit was the most mad fun yet. if you’ve never been, or have been wanting to go, put it on your mighty list, because ALT really is one of the most inspiring and ridiculously entertaining events i’ve ever attended. hats off mary tyler-moore style (like flung as high as possible!) to organizers sara urquhart and gabrielle blair for one stupendous feat of event planning!

there’s just no way to summarize all the lovely people whom i met and inspired me, or just simply said hello. i wish there had been more downtime, just to get to know everyone a little bit better, but here’s a glimpse of what the whirlwind of alt summit really looks like.

besides all the learning going on, there’s parties. you’ve probably heard about them on twitter, right? lisa congdon, one of my awesome alt roomies decides quite rightly that a white wig is the perfect accessory for the winter wonderland party. here she and marisa anne haedike are having some fun! balloons decorate the method mini party on friday night; moss + Isaac photography capture a very fancy and equally charming hgtv star and all round great girl emily henderson; here i am tweeting about ben silberman of pinterest’s amazing keynote speech (after which i cry, and ben gets a standing ovation) via b.a.d. photography on flickr; my roomies and wonderful friends — the lovely rena tom and artist lisa congdon who spoke about kickstarting your next project; just a real swell bar we passed in our travels around salt lake city; and the mighty miss maggie mason who gave a great talk on building your readership.

the always vintage-fabulous alix tyler and miss dottie of modern kiddo, jenny of frecklewonder and pam kueber retro renovation ham it up beautifully at the winter wonderland party; out thrifting at the green ant (a wonderful vintage shop in salt lake) with one of my fav girls, jordan of oh happy day; kelly beall of design crush, the charming and infamous favorite uncle beefy and lisa congdon get cozy on a snowy walk home from dinner; me and my amazing panel speakers, joslyn taylor of simple lovely, bri emery of designlovefest and danielle kyrsa of the jealous curator; more thrifting with laure joliet who buys up all the cute $1 belts; ben from pinterest gets the room’s attention during one of the most moving keynotes i’ve ever heard via justin hackworth; and lastly, getting girly with emily henderson, lisa congdon, rena tom, me and Morgan Satterfield from the brick house, as captured by laure joliet for apartment therapy.

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  1. Seems like such a great time. I love how everyone snapped at alt seem to have a joyful expression on their face. How amazing to meet so many wonderful women.

    I’ve thought about going but I’m not sure if I have the happy personality that those kind of events seem to demand. I’m kind of a curmudgeon. :) I have to drink the kool aid.

  2. Maybe I’ve missed it if you’ve addressed this, but will Ben’s keynote be available to listen to anywhere? This conference is DEFinately on my list. Maybe if I start hitchhiking now ? . . .

  3. I love this. What an amazing thing/summit. In my dreams! Did you ladies ever talk about how “Following” is a modern way of hypnotizing your fan base who easily get lost in the great imagery alone? This is Wonderland (the new found drug? ;-) – looking at all your fellow bloggers- Blogs! I am truly fascinated. (The chicks from Modern Kiddo look like too much fun!).. You must be in “overwhelm”!
    I am jut thinking about it! ;-) This is definitely a movement. It is so cool that is primarily women.

  4. Victoria, I’m so glad that I got to meet you, even if only for a few minutes. I hope to talk to you more next year. Let me know if you make it up to Seattle and we can have coffee.

  5. So fun! I want to go next year. Any suggestions on who (type of blogger) should go? How accomplished must one be to make it worth their time? I know it would be so good no matter what, but when you’re a struggling designer, you have to choose your endeavors wisely. Enjoyed the post!

    • becky – any and all bloggers should go. it’s so much fun, and so friendly and inviting. if you want to learn more about the business of blogging, it’s definitely worth the time and investment!

  6. Did Emily’s amazing pink fluff move from her head to your lapel in that last pick? It’s amazingly fun. p.s. Stop by the blog today… I’ve got a new girl crush I think you’ll love. xo

  7. Much like you I’m still in the processing phase. As a first-timer I was quite impressed and overwhelmed with everyone’s generous spirit. it was lovely to meet you—if only for a brief moment on the very last night!

  8. I am eating all of everyone’s Alt coverage up! Trying to suppress the jealousy and just soak in all the sound bytes and photos and live vicariously through all you lovely folks!

    They’re going to need a bigger venue next year. ;)

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