up the down staircase.
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i’m feeling a little bit like i’m running up the down staircase to catch up here after all my time away. there’s no rest for the wicked! but, at least it inspired me. i love staircases, don’t you? there’s something romantic about them, and i remember as a kid, always wishing we lived in a two-story house, instead of our suburban single level tract home. so dullsville! i think there’s some kind of hopeful anticipation to a staircase, always wondering what awaits you at either end.

love everything about this room, and its pretty spiral staircase, via lonny.

how about hot pink staircase. i say, ‘oh yes!’, via kate spade new york; and a spiral version photographed by bruno suet.

a very hot tin staircase (above) and a very mod one (below), both via stadshem.

i love the jet black stairs, via nuevo estilo.

pretty modern staircase via residence magazine; and elizabeth roberts’ home via remodelista.

• top images via the guardian, as seen on automatism; and bettie page via planet soul.

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  1. Vertigo! Stairways are awesome. Unfortunately I can’t climb spirals. Vertigo serious.. I remember the staircase in Courtney Loves apt. you showed us. They were nice too. I dig backstairs that so many Victorians have with all the little glass-pane windows that encase each level of floor. My best friend’s grandmother had one of those handles at the top of her stairs in a groovy Vic in the City, that opened up the front door..

  2. I just love staircases too! I live in a flat right now and really miss one. I especially miss the staircase we used to have in our house when I was a child. When mum was away me, dad and my sister used to race down the staircase on a mattress… Dangerous but absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always wonder how people with spiral staircases get their furniture up into their lofts or rooftop decks or whatever. They’re nice and space-saving, as long as you’re agile and sleep on a palette on the floor, I guess.

  4. I would LOVE to have a pink spiral staircase in my house! Spiral staircases are my favorite… but when you add hot pink, it takes my love to a whole new level! Somehow I don’t think this would be my fiance’s first color choice!

  5. I rue the day I didn’t glamma up our staircase when I had the chance. It’s the first thing you see when coming into our house and it’s….beige. Gah! I agree with Angie about the spirals. How DO you get stuff up there? Flatpack a-go-go?

  6. i totally agree with the staircase thing! all the spiral ones are so charming. my hair dresser when i was a little had one and it was my favorite thing about getting my hair cut. “hannah” by freelance whales mentions stairs and it totally seems to embody the romantic sentiment of them! http://youtu.be/LOyM3xdSurQ

  7. I grew up in a 2 story house (in Oakland) with 6 brothers and sisters. My favorite memory is taking our mattresses and sliding down the stairs! WHEEEEEE! So much fun when you’re a kid!

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