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the very lovely stylist, photographer and author, Pia Jane Bijkerk has been capturing my attention and imagination for years. her photographs of places like amsterdam and paris always make me long for travel, and drive me to create eclectic spaces that put me at ease, as much as they inspire. pia’s shared a few things she coveting with me, and now she’s got me wishing for them as well! i’m excited to bring you pia’s beautiful “it list”.

1. I’ve been coveting a cassandra ellis quilt for some years now. I love her choice of fabrics and her modern patterns, and I also love that she makes quilts from your own fabric collection. She runs courses on quilt making in the UK, and this October her first book, Quilt Love, will be published.

2. Armadillo & Co make the most beautiful woven rugs, each one is ethically produced and made by hand. The founders are Jodie Fried (from Bholu) and Sally Pottharst, who both have a lovely aesthetic. I love the entrance mats, bold striped runners, and I adore the flower mat, it would look so lovely on my cork kitchen floor.

3. I’ve been wanting to do a weaving course for ages – Harriet Goodall holds day workshops here in Australia, and I’m hoping to attend at least one this year. I’d love to learn about what materials I can use to make simple, loose baskets, and if I am daring enough, I’d love to try my hand at making a light shade for my office. (photograph of Harriet’s work by Chris Chen)

4. Speaking of workshops, I’ve also always wanted to do a ceramics course of sorts, creating free form vessels and small sculptures using modern and ancient techniques. I’d love to make things like bone china feathers, chimes, plant tags, bottles and tea cups. This collection by Una of House of Ceramics is so sublime. And I adore my friend Kylie Johnson’s work where she imprints her poetry into the clay – you may recognize some of her pieces in Anthropologie.  And one of my long-time favorite ceramicists is Emmanuelle Wittmann (who I featured in my book, Paris: Made by Hand) – Emmanuelle holds workshops, so next time I’m in Paris I’ll have to make sure I attend!

5. I am right into paper art at the moment, and I am smitten with this petit paper & shell sculpture by Erika Ekrem of Odelae. How sweet is this? And so creative, very clever. I’m inspired.

6. Island retreating. Yes, I love a bit of jungle living, and one such place is Langkawi, just off the east coast of Malaysia. My partner and I have been traveling there once a year for the past few years, staying mostly at the Bon Ton  which has two fabulous restaurants. I love to imagine myself living in such a place one day, surrounded by huge coconut palms, sipping iced tea in my jungle hut (dreams can come true, right?).

• photographs by Pia Jane Bijkerk.

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  1. It never would have occurred to me to learn to make baskets – especially unconventional ones like those. I wonder if I can find a course in Dublin…they’re really cool!

  2. These are such beautiful, beautiful finds! The idea of an island retreat is pretty awesome right now. I was just in Disney World, and walking through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House tickled the urge as well! Ha :)

  3. She has a good taste for sure! Thanks for sharing.. I was just talking today with a friend about wishlist like city’s and things (she would not really understand the interior stuff I think I am wishing for years) would love to make such a list as well ;)

  4. I used to love reading Pia’s blog and then for some reason, I stopped. Thanks for reminding me again how great and talented she is…I’m off to make sure she’s added to my Reader list again!

  5. you know that pia is my favorite so this was quite a treat. she has the best taste and style. every item she chose is stunning. especially those quilts! oxo

  6. ohh perfect friday wind-down tea time reading (well, I am in Europe, it’s 5pm, in case anyone was thinking I was slacking off early!) – thank you so much. I’ve just finished reading her beautiful book – My Heart Wanders which I loved loved loved….in fact maybe I’ll just have to read it all over again.

  7. Thanks so much for showing one of my quilts – it always amazes me when someone (and especially some as lovely as Pia) says something lovely about my work – ‘work’ being a very serious description! All the best Cassandra

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