the shutterbugs: brad knipstein.
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i love the interiors portfolio photographer r. brad knipstein recently shared with me, including the home of the very talented stylist, Rosy strazzeri-Fridman. brad’s been sharing a bunch of his interior shots with me, and i’m excited that he’ll be sharing more with us from time to time! in the meantime, here’s rosy’s beautiful home ‘en blanc’. so pretty, right? brad has a blurb book out, too — so if you love his work i think it’s very much worth checking out.

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  1. I come here every day to sigh happy sighs of happiness and today’s post nearly popped my circuit board – joy surge. You know how infants flail and quiver their limbs when they are excited – it was a bit like that. I managed to retain my drool. It’s been 40+ degrees (celsius) here for the last few days and I didn’t moan about it for the duration of looking at this stuff. Thanks.

  2. It’s an adorable house, but I feel like the mannequin and the hands everywhere would scare me if I was home alone at night…


  3. It’s nice to study these. I learn so much by just looking at placement and monotone color arrangements. I’ve never seen tarnished silver look so cool.

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