anthology in amsterdam.
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it seems like eons ago, but last summer i spent some time in amsterdam, but i couldn’t chat about it because i was on a special assignment for anthology magazine to cover the city, so it was a bit on the hush-hush. but the new issue of anthology is out, and my story lives on its pretty pages, so now i can tell you what a wonderful trip it was! the story includes a shopping & dining reference guide, in case you happen to be headed to amsterdam anytime soon, including the amazing 9 straatjes (or 9 streets) — blocks and blocks of some of the best cafes, boutiques and vintage shops i’ve ever come across.

these photos above and in anthology magazine were photographed by marjon hoogervorst, but i took a whole bunch of my own as well, so i’ve been hankering to share just how beautiful amsterdam really is with you for a while now! for the full article, check out the latest issue of anthology, and you can subscribe here. you can also see all my photographs from the trip here on flickr.

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  1. Its lovely to see Amsterdam quiet. I made the mistake of my first trip to Amsterdam being Queens Day weekend….whole city turned into an outdoor club…wouldn’t recommend going that weekend. LOL

  2. A.) So excited to see the next issue of Anthology hit my mailbox.
    B.) LOVES me some Amsterdam! If I ever live outside of the U.S, it will be in Amsterdam. Can’t wait to read your article!

  3. Such a timely article as I am visiting Amsterdam in a few weeks. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing this project with me.

  4. Wonderful, can’t wait to see the article. Congrats also on being named by Mashable as being one of the 21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users yesterday!

  5. If I wasn’t Canadian, I’d choose to be Dutch or Danish or Swedish – such style! Lovely, inspiring photos in both execution and how you presented them here. Congrats on the issue too…

  6. Oh oh oh! This makes me want to call Virgin Air right now and book a flight. How wonderful would that be!

    But until then, I’m going to head to the closest book store/magazine rack and pick up this magazine right now! Yay!

  7. may i just say that i loooove Shauna & Stephen’s latest updates to their breathtaking loft space!!! that bed looks fantastic in there! both lofts are stunning. i’m going to have to purhcase this issue, my fave thus far! congrats on your oh so pretty work Victoria. just spent 1/2 hour touring your Flickr :) oxo

  8. I heard Amsterdam was a lovely place, but these photos blow me away! And the hollyhocks on the sidewalks? Those little beauties did it for me. I was planning a trip to London in the Fall, but I may have to switch it for Amsterdam…

  9. That looks so great! I have very fond memories of Amsterdam. It was the first vacation with my husband when we dated and we even had dinner at the Struisvogel. Such a pity one cannot get the mag in Germany or Korea. So I will have to look at your Flickr-pictures!

  10. i am really happy to discover this magazine. stunning! i’ve just subscribed!! only thing, is i can’t seem to get my paws on a copy of issue 6. any ideas? i’m totally in love with all the photos i saw in the preview in there…


  11. I am so lucky to live near one of the most beautiful cities in the world! But If you all come, please don’t forget all the other towns like Leiden, Haarlem, Delft (I could go on..) full of history and inspiration. This week is a good time: It started to freeze and we’ll be skating on the canals soon!

  12. I live around the corner from there. These photos really capture that part of Amsterdam, great job. It’s strange to see the place you live featured in such a cool magazine, but loving every part of it!

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